Terrorism seeping through all Pakistan institutions: BNM

The spokesperson for the Baloch National Movement has said the Quetta incident was the outcome of Pakistan’s state policy of using religious fanaticism and extremism. The BNM expressed sympathies with the families of the victims on the basis of humanity and Baloch national values. “Baloch national genocide, exploitation, brutality, and recurrence of such incidents are evident of Pakistan's cruelties towards the Baloch nation,” he said. The spokesperson added that accepting Pakistan's version on such incidents was tantamount to disrespecting facts. “It has become essential to think why, along with state terrorism, such incidents are repeatedly occurring in Balochistan? Two and half months ago

#SaveShabirBaloch: Protests in Europe and Australia

Baloch National Movement (BNM) and Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-Azad) are jointly organizing protests in England, Australia and Germany against forceful disappearance of BSO leader, the Central Information Secratary Shabir Baloch. Shabir Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces in a military operation in Gwarkop area of District Kech, Balochistan on October 4, 2016. Pakistani forces have started a series of abductions, kill and dump against Baloch leaders and common Baloch people, which has turned into Baloch genocide. Founding President of BNM Ghulam Mohammad Baloch who played a key role in safe recovery of UNHCR head in Balochistan John Soleki, was abducted by Pakistani army in hi

چیئرمین خلیل بلوچ اور نواب براہمدغ بگٹی کا اشتراک عمل پر بات چیت

بلوچ نیشنل موومنٹ اور بلوچ رییپلکن پارٹی نے ایک مشترکہ اعلامیہ میں کہا ہے کہ دونوں پارٹی کے سربراہان چیئر مین خلیل بلوچ اور نواب براہمدغ بگٹی کے درمیان اشتراک عمل اوراصولی بنیادوں پر اتحاد و اتفاق کی راہیں ہموار کرنے پر بات چیت ہوئی ہے۔ اس ضمن میں دونوں پارٹیوں کے درمیان مزاکرات کا جلد آغاز ہوگا۔ دونوں جماعتیں اپنی مزاکراتی کمیٹیاں تشکیل دیں گے جو مسلسل گفت و شنید کے ذریعے دونوں پارٹیوں کے درمیان اشتراکِ عمل اور باہمی اعتماد کو تقویت دینے کی کوشش کریں گے۔ اعلامیے میں کہا گیا ہے کہ پارٹیوں کے درمیان اشتراک عمل انقلابی معیاراور برابری کی بنیاد پرقائم ہوگا ۔دونوں پارٹی سربراہان کے درمیان اس امر پر اتفاق پایا گیا کہ قوموں کے مقدرکا فیصلہ قومی پارٹیاں ہی کرسکتی ہیں، اس لئے قومی تحریک میں شخصی

Military operations intensify after CPEC. BNM

Spokesman of Baloch National Movement (BNM) stated in his statement that after the project and agreement of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), military operations in Balochistan have been intensified. Human Rights and the United Nation's charter is being violated in dail y bases through ground and airstrikes by Pakistan in Balochistan. Today once again Pakistani army attacked on nationalist leader Akhtar Nadeem's house in Mashkay Balochistan, who have already migrated to get rid of Pakistani barbarism. Pakistani forces previously abducted Akhter Nadeem's uncle Ghulam Mustafa from his house in Hub area of Balochistan along with his juvenile nephew Umar Jan and a relative named Azum,

انتہاپسندی سے نجات نیشنلزم میں پنہاں ہے...خلیل بلوچ

ا س حقیقت سے ہم بخوبی واقف ہیں کہ دنیا کی سیاسی تاریخ میں سیاست اورمذہب کا ہمیشہ چولی دامن کا ساتھ رہا ہے ۔کلیسا ،مسجد ،مندرہمیشہ بادشاہ اور طاقت کے ساتھ مل کر مظلوم ومحکوم کے خلاف دودھاری تلوارثابت ہوئے ہیں ۔ترقی اور تخلیق کی راہوں کو مسدود کرنے میں معاون بن کر شہنشاہی استحصال میں پیش پیش رہے ہیں اورہمیں ہر دور میں مقتدرقوتیں مذہب کا سہارالے کر قتل و قتال کرتے نظر آتے ہیں اوراس میں کسی نے بھی امتیاز روا نہیں رکھا خواہ وہ رومی فیوڈل کا زمانہ ہویا اسلام کی دورِ ملوکیت ۔رومی فیوڈل زمانے میں جہاں کلیسا کا کردار ریاست کو وسعت دینے کے لئے کلیدی ہوتا تھا ،عیسائی مذہب ابتداء میں مظلوم طبقو ں میں پھلا پھولا مگرچوتھی صدی عیسوی میں قسطنطین کی عیسائیت قبول کرنے کے بعد سرکاری مذہب کی حیثیت اختیار کرگئی

Pakistan threat to Baloch, Sindhi, minority religions: BNM Chief

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) Chairman Khalil Baloch condemned the cold blooded murder of three Shia women belonging to the Hazara community of Occupied Balochistan. The detestable act is the continuation of the Hazara genocide being perpetrated by the state sponsored religiously motivated terror outfits. The Pakistani army and its intelligence agencies have increased the use of sectarian death squads in Occupied Balochistan to mislead the world in to developing a pretense regarding the Baloch independence movement as being a sectarian conflict. The Pakistani state continues to employ religiously motivated terror groups to counter the Baloch independence movement by misleading the tra

Alien language: denying education in Balochistan

There is no doubt that the language is the center of the human intelligence. A positive relationship exists between language ability and mental ability. The language serves as the primary medium through which not only the thoughts and feelings are communicated, but also the customs, values, culture and history are communicated and transmitted through generations. Every language has its own identity, with its unique wealth of philosophy, poetry, myth, idioms, quotes, cultural values and knowledge. The language represents the history of the land and the people, and contains ecological and geographical knowledge, which will be lost forever with the extinction of the language. The beauty of this

ISIS in Balochistan and role of Pakistani state in fostering extremism

Pakistan occupied Balochistan in 1948. At the time of occupation Baloch were governed by secular Baloch code which clearly defines legitimacy of the state and its sovereignty in term of secular Baloch nationalism. Baloch resistance movement still retains this political character of secularism which has resisted any attempt of redefining of Baloch nationalism in a religious perspective. Thus, Baloch followed a state system which is based on principles of Westphalian Order of the World. On the other hand, Pakistan statehood is based on a religious ideology called Pakistan ideology. Pakistan ideology defines Pakistani nationhood on the assumption that all the Muslims living in South Asia are on

Human right abuses in Balochistan

Introduction Pakistan occupied Balochistan in 1948. Since then, the Baloch haven’t accepted the occupation and have been resisting and maneuvering to liberate their land. To counter the Baloch resistance, Pakistan has adopted a policy of Baloch genocide. The Baloch genocide includes organized killing of Baloch leaders, intelligentsia and civilians, razing entire villages and historical places, and kill and dump of political people. Although the genocide has been there since 1948 it has intensified since the beginning of 2000. This acceleration mainly aims at suppressing the recent wave of the Baloch war of freedom which started with the dawn of this millennium. 2. Intentions To suppress the

Pakistan’s policy of religious radicalization in Balochistan

As in Kashmir or Afghanistan, the Pakistani security agencies have also resorted to religious extremists to act as their proxies. Fundamentalist terror organisations, including Lashkar e Taiba, Lashkar e Jhangwi, Lashkar e Khurasan, Jamatud Dawa and ISIS are becoming increasingly active in Balochistan. They freely patrol in convoys of pick-ups, without army interference, and are even sometimes guarded by the paramilitary Frontier Corps personnel. In recent years, these extremist groups have openly taken credit for targeting Baloch political activists, journalists, educationists and intellectuals. Now they are beginning to target women and religious minorities as well. Balochistan has traditi

Baloch Nationalism: its origin, rise and future

Most people know Balochistan as simply 44 per cent land mass of Pakistan but what many people do not know is that it didn’t become 44 percent by choice; it wanted coexistence but was forced into merger. Moreover it isn’t ‘terra nullius’ a land without people but this is always conveniently forgotten. There are people too; people whose lives have been destroyed with the injustices that have been the norm since March 27th 1948 but unfortunately this is generally ignored by those in power and the people in general. Balochistan is an unnecessary tragedy which wouldn’t and shouldn’t have happened. The Pakistani elite and establishment were extremely insecure and desired to implement and impose co

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