Ehsan Monawar speaking at BNM Berlin Conference

Ehsan Monawar is an Afghan-American security sector specialist with over 18 years of leadership experience with a strong background in security and counter terrorism experience, with 4 years dedicated operational experience in Afghanistan, working with Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) under the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 2002-2006. He was a guest speaker in Baloch National Movement's Berlin Conference on August 11, 2017. The title of conference was "China's One Belt One Road Initiative; Its adverse impacts on Balochistan and the region.”

Pakistani forces repeat history of Bangladesh in Balochistan. BNM

In a four days long military operation many families are under siege in Kolwa area of district Awaran, Balochistan and are deprived of all the basic needs of life including food and water. We fear, many civilians have been killed or injured due to shelling and bombardment of gunship helicopters and jets. So far, Pakistan army has brought two dead bodies to Awaran Hospital, who have been identified as Abdul Ghani and Abdul Ghafoor. The people sieged in this operation can face death due to lack of medical facilities and food items. Similarly, two years ago in July 2015 in the same areas, in a military operation, which continued for a period of one month, many people were wounded, martyred and

Baloch people will never accept the Pakistani occupation. BNM

Baloch National Movement's spokesperson said in his statement, Pakistan’s celebrations, events and constructions, all depend on the bodies and blood of Baloch. On August 14, before the events' celebration, Pakistani forces increased the military operation in most parts of Balochistan, abducted and killed many Baloch civilians. On Wednesday, forces attacked the house of Munhaj Mukhtar, a famous Baloch musician and singer, shattered everything in the house and threatened women and children by intimidating mental violence. Before, in recent months Minhaj Mukhtar’s house was attacked, damaged and valuables we're looted, In the same way Pakistani forces entered the house of Shaheed Ghulam Mustafa

BNM diaspora leaders meet in Germany

The BNM diaspora met in Berlin, Germany, on August 12 to discuss world politics and party matters. The general body meeting of the party’s Germany zone was also held simultaneously. BNM Foreign Secretary Hammal Haidar, Convener North America Dr Zafar Baloch, Deputy Convener Nabi Bakhsh, Convener Europe Region Dr Naseem Baloch and Ghaffar Baloch addressed the meeting. Mohammad Ali Zeb was the stage secretary. Speakers said that the world situation is changing rapidly and the party’s diaspora activists’ responsibilities have multiplied as Pakistan has totally blocked any political activity in Balochistan. Political workers, if seen, are killed. The state is sponsoring death squads and reli

Experts across world discuss CPEC’s adverse impacts in BNM conference

Experts and scholars across the world discussed the negative impacts of China’s One Belt One Road initiative in a conference in Berlin organized by the Baloch National Movement on August 11. The title of the event was “China's One Belt One Road Initiative; Its adverse impacts on Balochistan and the region.” The event was moderated by Laurie Deamer, a human rights activist from the United States. BNM’s international representative Hammal Haider opened the event by welcoming the guests and speakers. The conference consisted of three panels. In the first panel were German researcher and security observer Dr. Siegfried O. Wolf, American security expert Ehsan Munawar from Afghanistan, Indian writ

Pakistan army mercilessly killed Baloch youths in Tump and Kolwah. BNM

BNM central spokesperson in his statement said, in every corner of Balochistan, mass killings, abductions and enforced disappearances are not only continuing, but intensifying day by day. Entry is denied to the Media and human rights activists in Balochistan. Because of the media blackout Pakistan army and secret intelligence agencies are committing inhuman and immoral crimes disregarding the international laws. Attacking and disrespecting the graves of the martyrs, the same act Taliban, trained under Pakistan army have been practicing. Spokesperson said, today on 1st August 2017, in Nizarabad area of Tump, district Kech, Balochistan, during a military operation, forces conducted house to ho

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