Baloch, Sindhis Protest at UN, New York against Pakistani Atrocities and War Crimes

New York, Sept 21 – Baloch National Movement (BNM) and Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) held a joint protest rally outside the UN Headquarters in New York to highlight the gross human rights violations in Sindh and Balochistan. On the occasion of the 72nd UNGA meeting in New York; Baloch and Sindhi activists campaigning for sovereignty of their lands, cultural identity and freedom of thought - gathered to jointly raise their voice against extreme forms of Pakistani military operations, enforced disappearances, torture and mass killings of civilians. Addressing the media, Nabi Bakhsh Baloch, General Secretary, BNM-North America stated that the ongoing month-long Pakistani military operation in t

Australia: Protest against Pakistan Army Atrocities in Balochistan

Baloch National Movement Australia (BNM- Aus) and Baloch Students Organisations Azad Australia (BSO- A) are holding a joint protest in front of Victorian State Parliament Melbourne Australia to highlight the plight of Baloch nation facing military operations, genocide, enforced disappearances, targeted killing of political activists and the "Kill and Dump" policy of the Pakistan state in Balochistan. Stop the on-going month-long military operation in Kolwah, Balochistan It is requested to all political activists, human rights activists and the civilians to join us. SCHEDULE: Day: Sunday Date: 1st, September 2017 Time: 2:00-3:00 PM Local Time Venue: Victorian State Parliament Melbourne Austra

Berlin Conference Outcome Report “China's One Belt One Road Initiative; Its adverse impacts on

Baloch National Movement (BNM), organized a one-day conference titled “China's One Belt One Road Initiative; Its adverse impacts on Balochistan and the region”, in the capital city of Germany on 11 August 2017. Noted experts on international affairs and south Asian regional geopolitics from around the world participated in the conference and shared their views on the theme. The event was moderated by Ms. Laurie Deamer, a leading human rights activist from the United States. BNM’s international representative, Mr. Hammal Haider, delivered the opening address and welcomed the guests. The conference was divided into three sessions. In the first session, eminent speakers-- German researcher and

USA: BNM and JSQM protest against HR violations in Balochistan and Sindh

Pakistan is committing gross human rights violations in Balochistan and Sindh since its creation. Baloch and Sindhi nations are deprived of freedom of expression, political and social rights. Balochistan was forcefully occupied in 1948. Baloch are resisting this forced annexation. Thousands of political and human rights activists were abducted, killed and dumped by Pakistani forces and its proxies. A number of mass graves were found in Balochistan. Pakistan is involved in genocide, war crimes and crime against humanity in Balochistan and Sindh. Baloch National Movement and Jiye Sindh Qaomi Mahaz will protest in front of UN office in New York, USA, the day when Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid

Pakistani army has left no stone unturned in harassment and genocide of Baloch nation. BNM

Baloch National Movement spokesperson in his statement said, Pakistani army is engaged in harassment and genocide of Baloch nation, the evil example of Pakistan’s cruelty can clearly be seen in yesterday’s cruel act committed by Pakistani military personnels, in Hoshab, the way young Baloch girls were killed after being thrown in the pool, is the worst example of barbarism. After this murder, the act of adopting drama using the title of “picnic” has become a proof itself. Pakistan has crossed all limits of cruelty after making Balochistan a colonial state. In the fifth military operation, which is continued for about two decades, thousands of Baloch are abducted and killed. The way these lit

In state patronage, religious extremists are being nurtured in Balochistan. BNM

The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement said that in name of peace and harmony, inhuman state barbarism is continued to crush Baloch national movement. In order to eliminate national movement, religious extremists are being nurtured in state patronage in Balochistan. This element is not only a sign of danger for Balochistan but also the whole region. Such elements have already affected the neighboring countries. The world powers wishing peace in Afghanistan should support the struggle for a free Balochistan. An independent Balochistan can be guarantee for peace in the region. But the silence and lack of interest of neighboring and other countries are worsening the situation. The spokes

Dr Naseer Dashti speaking at BNM Berlin Conference

Dr Naseer Dashti Baloch Authur and Researcher Topic: China’s One Belt One Road Initiative and Balochistan “A Baloch Perspective” Author of The Baloch and Balochistan. Dr. Naseer Dashti, is a graduate in Medicine and a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Greenwich (London). He had published three books. Dr. Naseer Dashti, is a graduate in Medicine and a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Greenwich (London). He had published three books (two of them were banned by Pakistani authories) on socio-political issues facing the Baloch in particular and south-central Asia in general. He is affiliated with Balochi Academy and Asaap Group of Publications, Quetta.

Shunichi Fujiki speaking at BNM Berlin Conference

Shunichi Fujiki Japan Topic: China’s One Belt One Road Initiative and Balochistan “Environmental and Human Rights Consideration Biography” Born in 1964, in 1988 when 24 years old, established a company producing Audio equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, microphones and so on as well as another company produce automobile related parts. From 2006, started getting into international politics, writing articles on Newspapers, magazines, books, talking on radio talk shows, TV and Internet TV programs. From 2014 started visiting United Nations to counter baseless false accusation toward Japan and Japanese people by South Korea and China over comfort women issue, Nanking incident and

Nadeem Nusrat speaking at BNM Berlin Conference

Nadeem Nusrat became acting convener of Mutahida Qaomi Movement (MQM) on 16 October 2015 filling the office held prior by deceased MQM leader Imran Farooq. The post was left vacant after the death of Imran Farooq. Nadeem Nusrat was primarily responsible for running MQM International Secretariat. He was a guest speaker in Baloch National Movement’s Berlin conference on August 11, 2017.

Alok Bansal speaking at BNM Berlin Conference

Alok Bansal, a naval officer with 26 years commissioned service, he has participated in the Indian Peacekeeping Organization in Sri Lanka. He has commanded two warships and has been a Directing Staff at the Defense Services Staff College, Wellington for three years. A doctoral candidate at the school of International studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has edited two books and has published several research papers. He writes extensively for many Indian, Pakistani and international newspapers and websites. He has represented the Indian side in Indo-Australian and Indo-Malaysian strategic dialogues. He was a guest speaker in Baloch National Movement’s Berlin conference on August 11, 2017.

Ten people, including women martyred in Shahrag; military siege continues in Kolwah. BNM

The spokesman of Baloch Natuional Movement said that Pakistan's bloody operations have been intensified rapidly in Balochistan. Shelling and bombardment have become a daily routine. After occupation and colonization of Balochistan, thousands of people have been affected in the past 69 years. Thousands went missing and killed in custody. In beginning of the new century, military operation started in Balochistan for the fifth time, which still continues and has taken many human lives. More than thirty thousand Baloch are bearing inhuman torture in secret cells. Among them, thirteen thousand people have been abducted in last one year, whose puppet Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti and the Balochi

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