State controlled media turns a deaf ear to the war crimes in Balochistan

Baloch National Movement Central spokesman said that Pakistani forces are engaged in state terrorism for several days at Khuzdar in Occupied Balochistan which is highly condemnable. He said Pakistan military along with puppet Chief Minister Sanaullah Zahri’s and National Party’s run death squads have made the life of Baloch people a hell. In recent round of door to door operations women and children are being harassed, and forces are looting valuable things in Chandni Chok, Chamrok Hotel, Zafarabad, Ferozabad, Ballina Kathan, Gazgi and other surrounding areas of Khuzdar. In these ever increasing military operations villages are being razed, the level of abduction is staggeringly raising an

Pakistan Army chief's refusal for operation against Islamabad protesters is a clear distinction

Quetta: Baloch National Movement (BNM) Central spokesman has said that we had already warned that Pakistan Army will intensify its operations against natives of Balochistan. Now that Pakistan Chief of Army Staff (COAS) refused to take action against protesters in Islamabad saying, "we can't use force against our own people", this makes a clear distinction between the people of Balochistan and Pakistan. On one hand the Army chief exerted to bring intensity on operations in Balochistan, but on the other hand, despite the government's approval and supreme court orders, Army refused to take action on protesters. This shows the reality and true face of so-called democracy in Pakistan. In Pakistan

Swiss should review Brahamdagh Bugti case without Pakistani pressure. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, chairman of the Baloch National Movement, expressed concern over the rejection of the application of the BRP president Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti's political asylum. He disappointedly stated that instead of speaking against Pakistan's oppression, Swiss government is rejecting Baloch leaders case under the pressure of a country which is infamously known for spreading terror in the world. Recently Hafiz Saeed has also been ordered to finish the confinement. The western world has put their values at stake to buckle under the pressure of a terrorist country that is analogous to support terrorist; and in future will definitely bear lethal consequences of its flawed policies. Chair

World powers should take notice on declaring genocide of Baloch by Pakistani minister. Dr. Murad Bal

Dr. Murad Baloch, the Secretary General of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), said in a press release that on Sunday puppet Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti issued a verdict of Baloch’s genocide in the newspapers; actually confessing the ongoing genocide. Now the world institutions should take legal action against the state and its officials for these crimes against humanity. Sarfraz Bugti by declaring Baloch pro-freedom people as a terrorist and waging genocide is the blatant expression of hate against Baloch nation. Murad Baloch commented, "He (Sarfarz Bugti) may carry a Baloch name but according to Balochi traditions he doesn’t fit to be called a Baloch." Today, every Baloch demands freed

Toronto Protest Demands Freedom for BSO-Azad Leader Sanaullah Baloch and others

Baloch National Movement and BSO-Azad jointly protested today in Toronto to express their anger over the recent enforced disappearances by the Pakistani security forces in which more than a dozen students and children were abducted from their home in Karachi, Sindh. World Sindhi Congress expressed their solidarity and took part in the protest. Baloch Students Organization – Azad Secretary General, Sanaullah Baloch and three other Central Committee members were picked up on Nov 15, 2017 from their home in Karachi during a raid by the ISI and Sindh Rangers. These illegal abductions by the Pakistani security forces have resulted in the torture and death of hundreds of political activists in Bal

We should get united against Swiss government behavior and enforced disappearance of Sanaullah Baloc

Baloch National Movement chairman, Khalil Baloch in his statement has condemned ‘a lifetime ban’ on Merhran Marri and detention of his wife and children at Zurich airport by Swiss government. He said that the behaviour of Swiss government by imposing a lifetime ban over Baloch leader on false propaganda of Pakistan had stunned him, because the Western world claim their self as civilised nations, democratic and champion of freedom of expression. Switzerland is center of United Nations and others Human Rights organizations where everyone is free to express one's opinions. But unfortunately imposing ban on Baloch leaders is tantamount to salt on the wounds of oppressed and persecuted nations. K

A protest held in Germany against Pakistani atrocities. BNM

Baloch National Movement's central spokesperson in his statement said that today a protest was held in German city of Düsseldorf against enforced disappearance of BSO (Azad) Secretary General Sanaullah Baloch, Baloch Human Rights Organization’s Information Secretary Nawaz Atta along with minor kids and other students. The protesters were holding banners and photos of disappeared Baloch people. The participants chanted slogans against Pakistani atrocities on innocent Baloch people. They also gave awareness to local people about Pakistan's atrocities on Baloch nation and its flagrant support to religious extremist groups. The BNM spokesperson also informed that Sanaullah Baloch was abducted

Abductions of women unites us, we know how to defend our honor. Khalil Baloch

Chairman of Baloch National Movement, Khaleel Baloch, in his statement said that abduction of Baloch women and children from Quetta and Karachi will only unite and energize the dispersed Baloch political forces. He said: ‘Baloch will defend their women and children at any cost. It is the time we unite all our power and give a strong message to the enemy that their cowardly acts will never be tolerated.’ He said at least 4 women and 15 children have been abducted by Pakistani state forces from Karachi and Quetta in a week. On 30th October, wife of prominent Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar, Fazila Baloch, her daughter Popal Jan and three other women were abducted by state forces from Saryab road

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