We pay rich tributes to Dr Mannan and his companions. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, the chairman of Baloch National Movement, is his recent statement paid tributes to Dr. Mannan Baloch, the former secretary general of BNM, his companion, intellectual and writer Babu Nouroz, Hanif Baloch, Ashraf Baloch and Sajid Baloch on their second anniversary. And he added Baloch National Movement as a party has given many sacrifices in Baloch history; from Fida Ahmed to Chairman Ghulam Mohammad and Dr Mannan embraced martyrdom and wrote unmatched history for the cause of freedom, identity and national survival. Leaders like Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad and Dr Mannan with their unparalleled sacrifice tried to redress the weaknesses of the past that surfaced due to non-existenc

Bolan operation continues; several women and children abducted from Raghai. BNM

BNM central spokesman says that Pakistani state terrorism is continued throughout Balochistan. The operation is ongoing in Bolan for some days, and several residents are abducted. He added that Pakistan Army only admitted the arrest of few persons; however they are not presented to any court of law. Previously, Pakistan Army claimed the arrest of thousands of residents but till now there is no news of their whereabouts. He added, “It is useless to admit their arrest or not, because all of them go missing to black hole. This is not only a tragedy for Baloch nation but a point of thinking for the entire world.” He said only a few names are known who are abducted by Army in operation in Bolan,

We condemn attacks on Baloch and Pashtun students by IJT in Lahore. BNM

Baloch National Movement Central spokesperson in his statement condemned the attack on Baloch and Pashtun students by Jamaith-i-Islami’s student wing Islami Jamaith Tulba (IJT) in Panjab University Lahore. Previously Jamaith-i-Islami created Al-Shams and Al-Badr in Bangladesh and committed war crimes by genocide of Bengalis, due to their role, its leaders till now being hanged in war crimes. He remarked about Jamaith-i-Islami, “It is working as a proxy of Pakistan Army to repeat same in Balochistan that it did in Bangladesh, but there fate will also be no different from Bangladesh.” BNM central spokesman stated that the occupying establishments with its proxies exploit the occupied and oppre

We pay rich tributes to Hasan Zafar Arif and condemn his murder by Pakistan. BNM

Baloch National Movement's central spokesperson condemned the killing of Professor Hasan Zafar Arif. He said that state of Pakistan will suffer failure in extinguishing the lights of knowledge. Prof Hasan Zafar Arif laid his life for fighting the cause of oppressed and enslaved nations. He added, Baloch National Movement views the determination, struggle and principles of Shaheed Professor with great esteems and pay him rich tribute on behalf of the Baloch people. The spokesman stated that Pakistan can slay an ideological person bodily, but it would not be able to extinguish the lights of those glow (with their convictions and bloods). He further added that Shaheed Prof Hasan Arif had tried

Civil society and local institutions try to make the number of missing persons controversial. Dil Mu

Baloch National Movement's information secretary Dil Murad Baloch claimed that 40000 Baloch has been abducted and gone missing by Pakistani intelligence agencies. Several organizations and states’ departments of Pakistan, with will structured plan, are imbued in tampering with facts. At present the major truth is the acceptance of these facts is complete media blackout in Balochistan. The so-called media is airing only a given Pakistani narrative, and it is futile to hope that they would broadcast any news about Balochistan. British Broadcasting Corporation Urdu (BBC Urdu)service is the only international media group that somehow reports on Balochistan but it has a only one reporter whose a

We pay rich tributes to mother of Dr Allah Nizar. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, Chairman of Baloch National Movement condoled the demise of Baloch national leader Dr Allah Nazar mother. He paid rich tributes to her and said that a great mother's death lets entire nation tearful. She is mother of all Baloch nation who begot prominent personalities. She gave birth to sons like Shaheed Safar Khan and Shaheed Ali Nawaz, and delivered Baloch nation with great personality of Dr Allah Nazar who is torch bearer of national struggle. He filled the vacuum of national buildings by institutions. Khalil Baloch commented that alive and conscious nations always remember their national heroes. Today, thousands of mothers have sacrificed their beloved sons for the defense

We invite all pro freedom parties for a political alliance. Dr Murad Baloch

Dr Murad Baloch said, “Baloch National Movement is willing to form an alliance with all political parties those are working on single agenda of a free Balochistan. National freedom is the most sacred objective, and BNM does not believe in point scoring or manipulation of situation.” BNM Secretary General invited all political stakeholders for alliance and said that BNM is always, struggling and desirous for forming a united front to make national struggle more vibrant and resist the common enemy more effectively. The founding father of BNM Ghulam Mohammad Baloch always worked with same zenith for alliance of parties till his last breath; somehow, he achieved successes in his mission. However

Pakistan enjoys direct backing of China in dirty war in Balochistan. Dil Murad Baloch

Baloch National Movement's Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch today on 5th January made December 2017 report public and said, “Pakistan is persistently committing genocide of Baloch people for many years, through multipronged strategies while using regular army, death squads, intelligence agencies, religious extremist groups and other proxies. However, this month Pakistan intensified its enterprises when, Ex-chief Minister of Occupied Balochistan Dr Malik who is a national traitor, met Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Bajwa, and other top braced officials in Turbat and Quetta where he suggested for ‘Sawat like operation’ in Balochistan.” Dil Murad Baloch clarified, “The use of phrase as

Pakistan is using the policy of collective punishment. BNM

Baloch National Movement Central spokesman condemned the murder of Master Noor Ahmed, and said, “we have been expressing our reservations about the issue of collective punishment for several time, and currently, Pakistan brought intensity in It. Albeit, media and human rights organizations, as usual, are silent.” He told that the mutilated body of Noor Ahmed, the maternal uncle of BSO-AZAD’s chairperson Banuk Karima Baloch, was recovered on 2nd December. He was abducted by paramilitary force Frontier Corps (FC) at a check post on 28 July 2016 that was witnessed by several travelers, when he was traveling to a carrier van. Spokesman said, this is not the first case, before this the relatives

Khalil Baloch says Pakistan following multi-tier policy against Baloch

Chairman Baloch National Movement Khalil Baloch, in a statement issued at the end of the year, has drawn a sketch of Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan. “Pakistan has waged a dirty war in Balochistan that according to international laws comes in category of mass killing,” Khalil Baloch said in his announcement. “Since the occupation of Balochistan from 1948, Pakistan has been trampling all international laws to strengthen its exploitation and occupation of Balochistan; meantime, Pakistan is violating all international laws, particularly the Geneva Convention”. He said Pakistan was using a multi-tiered military approach to counter the Baloch national struggle. He particularly mentioned the f

Why this indifference towards Baloch? Written by: Rahim Baloch

Why this indifference towards Baloch? Written by: Rahim Baloch On August 4,1947, a conference was held in Delhi, presided over by Viceroy of the British India, Lord Mountbatten, and attended by the ruler of Balochistan, the Khan of Kalat, and representatives of the proposed state of Pakistan for determining the status of the Kalat state (Balochistan). The three parties had agreed that Kalat was not a part of India, rather an independent state having treaty relations with Britain; therefore, not bound by the partition act to join either India or Pakistan. However, the status of Baloch areas of the British Balochistan province was not finalized. That issue was left to be decided by the propose

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