BNM Observes March 27 Black Day: Pakistan Military Invaded Independent Balochistan in 1948

Baloch National Movement – North America’s call to observe March 27 as black day was attended by Pakhtuns, Sindhis, Kurds and enlightened elements of the Canadian society at a Toronto meeting. Sovereign Balochistan was invaded and occupied by the Pakistani military in 1948. The public gathering was attended by people from all walks of life sharing democratic values and respect for freedoms and rights. Mr. Tarek Fatah, guest of honour at the event spoke on the importance of understanding the history and the evil nature of the state of Pakistan. In his speech, Mr. Fatah described the events at Dacca University on March 25, 1971 when Pakistan Army soldiers massacred more than 200 students and t

Banuk Karima Baloch speaks on the eve of March 27 Black Day

Ladies and gentlemen I thank you for taking out time for this event. We remember March 27 as the day when Balochistan lost its freedom and sovereignty to the occupying Pakistani armed forces in 1948. Why should we get stuck to a political mishap that occurred 70 years ago? What does it matter if a piece of land is governed by one group of people or the other? Why should not we just accept Pakistani rule and get over it? We did not just lose our self-rule or a piece of land to Pakistan on March 27. We lost our cultural identity and our language; we lost our right to a peaceful and safe life. Seventy years after that fateful event in 1948, we are forced to think that the occupation was the beg

Dr Zafar Baloch speaks on the eve of March 27 Black Day

Today, Balochistan’s invasion and occupation by the Pakistan military is 70 years old, and since 1948, the Baloch nation has gone through various phases of revolts and political struggles to regain their independence and the rightful place in the world among the civilized nations. The seven decades of Baloch struggle has witnessed worst forms of military operations under military and civilian rulers; General Zia-ul-Haq’s Islamization of society to counter secular politics; rise of Taliban and the jihadist terror outfits; and of course the Chinese military and economic expansion in the coastal Balochistan and the Arabian Sea. By all measures, this is the longest single conflict Balochistan is

Brahumdagh’ statement on March 27 is distortion of Baloch political history: Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, has expressed concern over Brahumdagh Bugti’s statement on March 27, saying that the statement is tantamount to distorting the Baloch political history. Brahumdagh Bugti, the President of Baloch Republican Party, has written on Twitter that “Baloch Republican Party rejects 27 March as occupation of #Balochistan”. In a series of tweet he said, “Therefore, it is completely wrong to call Kalat's forceful annexation with Pakistan as occupation of entire Balochistan and calling for its restoration is equivalent to dividing Balochistan into several states & tribal areas (which were not part of Kalat). It is not acceptable.” Responding to Bra

We pay rich tributes to Martyr Sameer Baloch

Baloch National Movement's Central spokesperson paid tributes to martyr Sameer Baloch s/o Ghulam Rasool who was shot dead by Death Squads’ members, yesterday on 25th March, in Panjgur Tasp. Sameer Baloch was a member of Baloch National Movement who was struggling on BNM platform for a free Balochistan. Like hundreds other of pro freedom activists he was targeted by Pakistan through its proxy organization, death squad. Besides, Pakistan heinous policy of collective punishment it has been conducting a deadly program to eliminate Baloch intellectuals, students and young political cadres. Sameer Baloch is also a victim of same policy. The Central spokesman remarked that Baloch National Movement

Seasoned political leader Haji Anwar advocate joins Baloch National Movement

A veteran political leader Haji Anwar advocate joins Baloch National Movement. BNM president, Khalil Baloch and General Secretary Dr Murad Baloch warmly welcomed him in the platform of Baloch National Movement. Khalil Baloch applauded, “it is a positive step in right direction,” He further added, “we are hopeful he will use his immense experiences and play a vital role for the national cause,” Haji Anwar advocate has a long history of his own in the political struggle for a free Balochistan. He also lost his son in the line of national duty. Baloch nation also views his untold sacrifices with huge respect. Haji Anwar advocate has been living in Switzerland on asylum for years. After a long t

All BNM zones to hold references and programs in the death anniversary of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch

Baloch National Movement Central spokesperson directed all zones of BNM throughout the world to hold references and programs from 3rd to 9th of April in memory of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, the Chairman of Baloch National Movement. Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch were arrested at the chamber of Kachkol Ali Advocate, a prominent lawyer and leader of BNM, by Pakistani security forces in broad daylight on 3rd April 2009; later on, their mutilated dead bodies were thrown in Murgaap, vicinity of Turbat city on 9th April 2009 which was the declaration of the vicious policy of “kill and dump” by Pakistan. The spokesman stated, “it was a new chapter in the hi

BNM holds references in German cities on enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch

Today Baloch National Movement held references in Frankfort Oder, Hannover, Gottengen and other cities of Germany against the enforced disappearance of BSO-AZAD leaders Zahid Baloch, Zakir Majeed and thousands of other political activists. Zahid Baloch was abducted four years back from Quetta by Frontier Crops (FC) and intelligence agencies in the presence of several eyewitnesses. Later on, BSO-AZAD central committee member Lateef Johar sat on hunger strike till death against the enforced disappearance of Then BSO-AZAD chairman Zahid Baloch on 22 April 2014. However, he ended his hunger strike after 46 days on the pursuance of friends, Baloch leaders and other human rights organization and a

BNM commemorates martyrs of Dera Bugti; 17 March is a black day

Baloch National Movement's Central Spokesperson paid his solemn tributes to the martyrs of Dera Bugti. “Pakistan Army martyred 70 innocent Baloch in operation with Aerial bombing on 17th March 2005,” said he, “and majority of slain were aged, women and children,” He further added, “Later, in continuation of aggression, the military martyred veteran octogenarian Baloch Political leader Nawab Akbar Bugti along with his companions on 26th August 2006,” BNM spokesman further added “A dozens of villages have been razed to ground due to Aerial bombardment. Military forces further added the vows of the people by destroying their means of earnings, and most of areas military personnel also took the

BNM calls for references and protests on 18 and 27th March

Baloch National Movement's central spokesperson in his statement calls for a demonstration and worldwide references and conferences on 18th March against enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch, the ex-chairman of BSO-AZAD, who was abducted by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies back to 18th March 2014. Instantly, BSO-Azad central cabinet member Lateef Johar, sat in hunger strike on 22nd April 2014 against enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch and for his safe recovery. Later on, he ‘ended strike after 46 days without food on the 6th of June, 2014, after the request of relatives of the victims, human rights campaigners and senior friends and politicians in Balochistan.’ They intervened to stop

BNM calls to support the Pashtun Long March

Khalil Baloch, Baloch National Movement's Chairman, announced to support the Pashtun long March to Quetta, and appealed Baloch nation to come out and join the March in solidarity with persecuted Pashtun for raising their voices against state oppression. BNM’s chairman stated that Pashtun and Sindhi are oppressed nations like Baloch; they have to initiate a parallel struggle for national freedom against Punjabi dominance and Pakistan’s oppression. Khalil Baloch commented, “soon after the emergence of Pakistan, the newly formed state either tactically or forcibly annexed the other nations and started their exploitation and oppression, which currently shaped into the ugliest form,” Baloch, Sind

Baloch women are soft target for Pakistani forces: BNM Information Secretary on International Women&

Baloch National Movement's Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch on the occasion of the international day for women said that Baloch nation is under a colonial role and enslaved by a state that lacks human values in its own civilization and culture. The world should not be oblivion to the history when brutal Pakistan Army raped around 0. 1 million Bengalis; similarly, they are repeating the same story again in Balochistan. However, the Bangladesh issue was immediately exposed to the world, whereas, the Balochistan tragedy is going unnoticed by the world due to complete media blackout. Further the world is completely unknown to the pathetic situation of Baloch women those who are being abduc

Unabated aggression continues in Balochistan; Several abducted in month February: Dil Murad Baloch

Baloch National Movement's Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch disclosed the report of February 2018. While briefing on report, Dil Murad Baloch said Pakistani forces carried out 70 operations and raids in occupied Balochistan, in the month of February. During these operations and military raids 173 persons were forcibly abducted. He added, in this regard Pakistani forces themselves confirmed the abduction of 20 persons on 11th February and 11 persons on 24th February those were arrested as suspects, but none of them were produced either before the court or media. He said that media as usual is playing the role of second pandal of state; despite the confirmation of picking up thes

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