We pay rich tributes to Muhammad Bakhsh Baloch. BNM

The Central spokesman of Baloch National Movement criticized the dualistic policies of self proclaimed Baloch nationalist parliamentarian parties. He lambasted them, “these so called nationalist parties have become a part of Pakistani parliament, and their stand on Baloch missing persons is tantamount to keep Baloch nation in deception. Now, this became a clear fact that there is no guarantee of Baloch rights and identity in Pakistan. Baloch is a nation with thousands of years old culture, values and land.” He added, “We will continue our struggle against Pakistani occupation.” The BNM spokesman said, the state atrocities on Baloch nation is conditional with the freedom of Balochistan; it

BNM protests in Germany and S. Korea against abduction of Baloch women and children

BNM spokesman announced that on 1st September 2018 BNM German zone and on 2nd September BNM South Korea will protest in German city Hannover and South Korean city Busan respectively. The purpose of this demonstration is to highlight the abduction of Baloch women and children by Pakistani security forces. Pakistan has adopted the policy of collective punishment across Balochistan by abducting the family members, women and children of Baloch leaders and activists. He added that BNM would stage demonstrations throughout the world against the abduction of Baloch women and children. The spokesman appealed to the nationalist parties, social and human rights organizations to participate in the ev

We pay rich tributes to Martyrs of Awaran. BNM

We pay rich tributes to Martyrs of Awaran. BNM Baloch National Movement’s central spokesman has paid rich tributes to the martyrs of Awaran. Four years back, Pakistani security forces martyred seven innocent Baloch, when they were offering their prayers in a worship place. The forces opened fired on the worshipers which resulted in the killing of Bakhtyar Baloch, Naiz Baloch, Mazar Baloch, Allah Bakhsh, Haji Umetaan Baloch, Dad Jan and Saeed Baloch. All of them belong belonged to Zikri sect of Islam. BNM Central spokesman paid rich tributes to the martyrs and said, Pakistani forces martyred them while they were busy in their worship. This is the highest form of state terrorism and barbariti

Political activists join BNM in UK

Baloch National Movement central spokesman in his statement has said that Sohaib Mengal, ex central committee member and ex international representative of Baloch Student Organization Azad (BSO-AZAD), Niaz Zehri, former Organizer of Foreign Committee of BSO-AZAD, and Sakindar Qambrani, ex London Zone Organizer of BSO-AZAD have joined Baloch National Movement. Central Spokesman welcomed them to the BNM. The new members of BNM in their collective statement said BNM as a political party established itself in a short period of time in international level and became a strong voice for the oppressed Baloch nation. They also commended that BNM has been working and progressing as a sound institution

World is not safe from the evil-doings of Pakistan. BNM

Baloch National Movement central spokesman in his statement said that 14th August is not only a black day for the Baloch nation, but it is also a tragic event for the entire world; This day Pakistan was created by dividing India into two halves. The central spokesman said in his statement that Pakistan, since came into being, has been persecuting the oppressed nations, promoting Islamic extremism and providing training to Islamic terrorists. That is the basic reason that the atrocities of Pakistan are not limited to Baloch nation; in reality, this region as well as the world is not safe from the evil-doings of Pakistan. He stressed that the double face of Pakistan to be exposed before the wo

BNM held programs in Germany and S. Korea on Balochistan Independence Day

On 11th of August on the occasion of Balochistan Independence Day Baloch National Movement held a conference in German city, Frankfort Oder and a reference program in South Korea where a large number of Baloch political activists participated. In these events participants shed light on the historical importance of 11th August, and Balochistan's Independence Day. The speakers in conference and reference program emphasized on the fact that Balochistan had gained its freedom after a long 108 years of struggle against British empire, which is a historical fact. Unfortunately that time the newly created Pakistani state started its conspiracy and occupied Balochistan illegitimately and by force. S

US suspending military training programs for Pakistan is appreciable. BNM

Baloch National Movement's Central spokesperson in his statement welcomed the initiatives taken by US President Donald Trump on freezing funds for trainings of Pakistani military officers. He called this initiative of President Trump a step in right direction. The spokesman stated, USA had allocated funds for Pakistan under U.S. government’s International Military Education and Training program (IMET), and annually 66 Pakistani officers got higher level of training in National Defense University of Washington. Suspension of this program is highly appreciable. He said that Pakistan had been using US funds against Baloch. Baloch nation not only continuously indicated about it, and also informe

BNM holds a conference on 11th August the Balochistan Independence Day

Baloch National Movement Central spokesperson in his statement says that BNM will hold a conference in the ocussion of the 11th August 2018 in German city of Frankfurt Order. The purpose of this conference is to highlight the historical significance of the 11th August in Baloch history. The spokesman invited all Baloch political activists to participate in the event. The Central spokesman of BNM said that after 108 years of British rule Balochistan became an independent sovereign state on 11th August 1947. Soon after independence Baloch nation formed its democratic parliament, consisted of two chambers which were authorized to legislate in future affairs of state and nation. Within days of i

BNM issues monthly report of July 2018

Baloch National Movement issued the monthly report of July 2018. The report reveals that 87 military operations and raids were carried out by Pakistani security forces; 109 people were enforced disappeared; 43 houses were reduced to aches; army converted 14 schools into military camps and check posts; and a mass grave was recovered in the month of July. The Central Information Secretary of BNM, Dil Murad Baloch said, “Pakistan Army carried out 87 operations across Balochistan; during army raids and operations 109 person were abducted; dozens of women and children are also included in those abductees.” The Information Secretary also said that 48 houses were looted, and 43 houses were reduced

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