Dr. Deen Mohammad’s disappearance: BNM protests in Germany, UK, Netherlands

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson said that on occasion of the completion of a decade to the enforced disappearance of Baloch National Movement’s leader Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch, BNM held demonstrations and awareness campaigns in Germany, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. The spokesman stated that in Germany at Düsseldorf, Baloch National Movement held protests and distributed pamphlets and huge numbers of BNM members participated in the event. The protesters were holding banners and placards, displaying the portrayal of Dr. Deen Mohammad and his daughters' l ong struggle for the recovery of Dr. Deen Jan on photo biographical sequel. The demonstrators distributed thousands o

A tale of unending hope and expectations Written by: Sammi Baloch

My father! Our father! Our beloved father! Mehlab Jan’s father! Mansoor Baloch’s father and our father! But today we miss his compassion, love, support, and sense of protection. We are living in a cruel state of hoping against hope that one day our loving father will come back, and will surely return to us. But we are not sure when that moment arrives in our lives when we open the door of our house and see him standing outside. While living with this wish, not only we keep the door of our house open but also doors of our eyes, hearts, thoughts and ideas are waiting for his arrival to have a glance of that great personality; no one knows how much it is longing for us? Where is he? In which ci

Non-recovery of Dr. Deen Mohammad is a whip on the civilized world. BNM

spokesperson said, "Ten years is completed to the abduction of BNM central leader Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch by Pakistani intelligence agencies. Dr. Deen Mohammad was abducted on June 28, 2009, from Ornach district Khuzdar. This act is a huge example of brutalities and atrocities of Pakistan's war crimes against the Baloch nation." The central spokesperson added, "A decade is completed in the enforced disappearance of Dr. Deen Mohammad but got no justice, which clears the fact the existence of Pakistan is not only a fatal threat to the Baloch nation but also it is an active mafia against human dignity and international human rights laws. He said, "on June 28, 2009, Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch was

BNM runs online campaign and demonstrations for safe recovery of Dr Deen Mohammad

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson said that on 28th June a decade would be completed in the abduction of BNM central leader Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch. Baloch National Movement would hold awareness campaign and demonstrations on the tenth years of Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch’s enforced disappearance, in Balochistan and other parts of the world. And in this occasion a social media campaign by hashtag of #SaveDrDeenMohdBaloch would also be run. He stated: "Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch was whisked away on duty from Ornach area of district Khuzdar on 28th June 2009 by Pakistani intelligence agencies and ISI. He has been in Pakistani torture cells for last ten years. It is beyond to measure

The abduction of Ali Haider Baloch is a heinous attack on the raising voices of human rights

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson said that Ali Haider Baloch son of the missing Ramzan Baloch had been whisked away by Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies from Gawadar. The abduction of Ali Haider makes this clear that Pakistan is fully committed to suffocate all those voices which are raised for the release of their loved ones who are of missing persons and are in torture cells. "The abduction of Ali Haider is a heinous attack on the voices of human rights. Ali Haider's father, Mohammad Ramzan, was whisked away by Army personnel in front of his eyes from Zero Point Uttal of district Lasbela on 24th July 2010. Like thousands of other enforced-disappeared Baloch, Ramzan Bal

BNM online reference to pay tribute to Nawab Marri and Hameed Baloch

Baloch National Movement spokesperson said that Baloch National Movement diaspora held an Online Conference to pay tribute to Nawab Marri and Hameed Baloch, in which Germany, US, Greece, Netherlands, France, Australia, and Canada zones of BNM participated. The conference was chaired by Dr. Naseem Baloch, the organizer of BMM Diaspora Committee. Addressing the conference, Dr. Naseem Baloch paid rich tributes to Shaheed Hameed Baloch and late Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri. He said, "It is the fortune of Baloch Nation that they had a courageous and a brave leader like Hameed Baloch who sacrificed himself so that Baloch nation continue the struggle." He added that this is the result of sacrifices of

Barbaric military operations continue in Bolan and Harnai: BNM

The central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement in his statement strongly condemned the Pakistani military operations in Bolan and Harnai. He said areas of Margat, Bazagar, Chahladdi, Jahalddi, Sarosangan and different of Harnai, Shahrag, Yakhulak, Laki, Garbuk are under the military siege since 13th June. In these areas, the civilians are in the target of horrendous military operations. According to latest updates, several villages have been burnt and helicopters have been shelling on different areas. He said ”prior to this Pakistan Army carried several military operations in these areas but the current military operation is the biggest military operation. The regular army and air forc

BNM condemns non-recovery of Zakir Majeed and the incident of burning VBMP camp

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement in his statement strongly condemned the incident of setting Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) camp ablazed. The Voice for Baloch Missing Person (VBMP) camp was burnt down at night of 8th June. On this day a decade was completed to the enforced disappearance of Zakir Majeed, the central leader of Baloch Student Organisation Azad (BSO-AZAD). The selection of this particular day by intelligence agencies of Pakistan was a clear message that Pakistan would suppress all those voices which are raised democratically against human rights violations. It is an attempt of Pakistan to suppress the voice of victim families of missing persons. Such n

Atrocities of Pakistani forces continued in the month of Ramazan as well. Dil Murad Baloch

Baloch National Movement central information secretary Dil Murad Baloch issued the monthly report of May 2019. It was the holy month of Ramazan too. He said the atrocities by Pakistani forces remained continued in Balochistan. He said that in the month of May Pakistani Military had carried out more than 25 military operations in different areas of Balochistan. During those military operations, 49 persons were whisked away, 39 dead bodies were found, 18 Baloch martyred, the reason of 11 persons’ killing couldn’t be traced, 10 dead bodies couldn’t be identified. From them, 9 people were those which Pakistan Army had claimed the responsibility of their death in Mastung. The fact is that those p

Worldwide protests by BNM against nuclear tests in Balochistan

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement in a statement says that against nuclear tests Baloch National Movement held awareness programs, rally and protest demonstrations against in Balochistan and worldwide. A number of local and BNM members have participated in the programs. The spokesperson said that the Baloch National Movement Germany zone held a protest and rally in the German city of Hannover against nuclear tests done by Pakistan on the soil of Balochistan in 1998. Hundreds of participants took part in the demonstration. The members of Amnesty International were also present in the event. The protesters were holding placards and banners in which slogans were written against

The assassination of Saba Dashtiari was the attack on Baloch collective cognition. Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement’s Chairman Khalil Baloch on the 8th martyrdom anniversary of Professor Saba Dashtiari paid richest tributes to him and stated, “the assassination of Saba Dashtiari was the attack on collective cognition of Baloch”. Its purpose was to destroy the Baloch ideological and consciousness nurture of educational institutions in the way of occupation, colonialism and colonial narrative. There is no doubt occupier suffered failure. Sir Saba is alive in the hearts of Baloch youths and till today is fulfilling his vital role to nurture consciousness in the Baloch nation. He said, “Saba Dashtiyari was an illustrious and the bravest person among Baloch intellectuals. Instead of m

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