BNM will hold a conference in Germany on the occasion of 11th August

Baloch National Movement Germany zone will hold a conference at Frankfurt (Oder) on the occasion of 11th August. The purpose of the Conference is to highlight the historical importance of 11th August as that day in 1947 Balochistan declared its independence from British colonial rule. On August 11, 1947, Balochistan was declared as an autonomous and independent country by the British government. Later, on 15th August, the Indian subcontinent was set free from colonial rule by forming two newly states i.e India and Pakistan. Soon after freedom, Balochistan, known by its old name of Kalat State, formed its governmental structure on the democratic basis by forming a national Assembly which was

Investment by any company in Occupied Balochistan is illegal. BNM

Baloch National Movement’s spokesperson in his recent statement said that the imposition of the 6 billion dollars fine on Pakistan by the World Bank arbitration court in the case against Tethyan Copper Company shows the extent of exploitation in Balochistan. This is the tale of a single project, whereas, the looting of billions of dollars’ worth natural resources on a daily basis has been continued for last seventy-two years on several projects including Saindak Project. It is easy to estimate the extent of on-going exploitation in Balochistan by looking at the number of damages Pakistan has to pay in a single project, one can easily judge that in the last seventy years Pakistan has looted t

Chairman Khalil Baloch’s interview with Manish Rai,Editor of Viewsaround

Mr Khalil Baloch Chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM), one of the biggest Baloch nationalist political organisations. Speaks to Manish Rai, Editor of Viewsaround in an exclusive interview regarding current status of Baloch freedom struggle and role of Baloch armed groups. Mr Baloch says that the recent escalation in militant attacks is a direct reaction to Pakistan army’s growing atrocities in Balochistan and China’s relentless plunder of Baloch resources. Following is his detailed interview. Question: Recently there has been increase in attacks carried out by Baloch armed groups. In your opinion what's the reasons for this increase? The recent escalation in militant attacks is a direc

BNM holds a demonstration in UK against the deportation of political activist Rashid Baloch from UAE

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson in a media statement said BNM UK zone conducted a zonal cabinet meeting, chaired by zonal president Hakeem Baloch. Various agendas were discussed in the meeting, including the grueling human rights violations, enforced disappearances of political workers and dumping of the innocent abductees' dead bodies by hands of Pakistani intelligence agencies and its local death squads. He said that Rashid Baloch's extra-judicial arrest and his subsequent deportation to a terrorist state like that of Pakistan is condemnable. The United Arab Emirates has trampled the dignities of human rights laws and ethics in siding with Pakistan by taking this action. No

Dil Murad Baloch releases Detailed Monthly Report for the Month of June 2019

Pakistan Army conducted 70 military operations; 81 persons were enforced disappeared, and 24 dead bodies were recovered; in the meantime, 150 houses were looted in these military-led operations. Dil Murad Baloch Information Secretary BNM Dil Murad Baloch´s detailed report in response to the Balochistan´s puppet government's attempts to make controversial the issue of enforced disappearances by issuing false and fabricated reports. He said that Pakistan had always been attempting to hide its war crimes. Despite these attempts, Pakistan had failed in its endeavors and its atrocities are visible to the world. In addition to various other forms of atrocities, forces are whisking thousands of peo

UNHCR should ensure the protection of Baloch refugees. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, Chairman of Baloch National Movement, in his latest statement said that human migration has continued for thousands of years. People from war-torn areas are forced to migrate and move to other countries seeking refuge. In this regard, the civilized world has formed laws and signed treaties for the protection of refugees' lives and properties. He added, "Today Baloch people are facing the same crisis. Due to ongoing state terrorism, exploitive mega projects, millions of people were forced to leave their homes and live a life of a refugee. Presently thousands of Baloch have sought State protection in Afghanistan, Iran, Arabian Gulf, Europe, America, Korea, Australia and other pa

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