1. Party Programme


To organize and mobilize the Baloch people on the political and ideological fronts, and to regain the Baloch national freedom, the party will struggle on the following lines:

  1. The Baloch National Movement will struggle in accordance with the United Nation’s charter to regain the Baloch national freedom.

  2. While rejecting the division of the Baloch land under colonial rules, the Baloch National Movement will struggle to reunite the Baloch territory according to historical, geographical, ethic and cultural grounds under one flag.

  3. The Baloch National Movement will not become part of the political, parliamentary, administrative and colonial set-ups of the states occupying Balochistan.

  4. While supporting the Baloch freedom fighters, the Baloch National Movement will struggle to develop a political alliance between the Baloch nationalist forces.

  5. The Baloch National Movement will struggle to develop a political and social set-up based on social justice, democracy and development for the national, political, economic, educational and cultural development of the Baloch nation.

  6. While accepting Balochi as the national language of the Baloch people, the Baloch National Movement will take special measures for the development and promotion of Balochi and Brahvi literature, and it will implement an education system in mother tongues to build a literate nation.

  7. The Baloch National Movement will take measures to revert the oppressive and neo-colonial laws and will replace them with new laws based on Baloch values and traditions and in accordance with international human rights conventions.

  8. The Baloch National movement will struggle to root out religious prejudice, sectarian violence and tribal and ethnic intolerance from the Baloch society, and will promote collectivism, brotherhood and national unity.

2. Aims and Objectives:


The Baloch National Movement will struggle for the restoration of the Baloch national sovereignty. The Party considers foreign occupation, slavery and the oppressive political and social set-up imposed by the occupying forces as the main cause of the political, economic, social and cultural backwardness of the Baloch people. Therefore, the party will struggle to get rid of this oppressive and exploitative system for the political, economic, social, educational and cultural development of the Baloch nation.

3.  National Economic Programme


The Baloch National Movement will introduce an economic system based on the notion of mixed economy in Balochistan and will try to build a welfare society through national and private ownership and capital. The Party will implement the following economic policies:

  1. While protecting the political, economic and cultural interests of the Baloch people from the negative effects of foreign monopoly, the Baloch National Movement will struggle to ensure the self-sustainable development of the Baloch people.

  2. The Baloch National Movement will eliminate the remnants of the feudal and obsolete capitalist system in Balochistan to build a just national economy in order to ensure the industrial and agricultural growth of society. The rights of labourers, peasants, farmers, small landowners, traders and fishermen will be safeguarded, so that they also benefit from economic development. The Party will also encourage private industries to flourish along with the national industries.

  3. The Baloch National Movement will terminate all the domestic and international trade agreements that are contradictory to the Baloch national interests, and will put an end to unprofitable, anti-people investments.

  4. All the investments by mutli-national corporations and international financial agencies will by synced with the national financial system, and the domestic industry will be saved from the adverse effects of exploitative investments.

  5. To protect the domestic industry, check will be put on place on the import of certain foreign products, and while pursuing a policy of economic self-reliance, the import of leisure commodities will be controlled.

  6. The public sector industry will be promoted. All national and international banks, insurance firms and all national financial agencies will function under the financial system of a National Central Bank.

  7. Small and mid-sized investments would be encouraged rather than big monopolies. A network of appropriate industries would be laid down in Balochistan to achieve equitable development and friendly economic and trade relations will be developed with foreign countries.

  8. To use the existing mineral resources for the collective good of the people, mineral industries will be developed and all the resources will be declared national wealth, ending personal monopolies over them.

  9. Special measures will be taken for the development of natural gas reserves in Balochistan. Controlling its excessive usage and inappropriate distribution, all the villages and cities of Balochistan will be provided with the natural gas facility so that local industries flourish and people get cheap fuel for household consumption.

  10. Special measures will be taken to explore oil reserves and to refine it. Apart from fulfilling the local oil needs, oil products will be exported to earn foreign exchange.

  11. The Baloch national interests will be given the utmost priority while signing agreements with developed nations for the exploration of Balochistan’s underground mineral resources like oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, steel, sulfur, bronze, gold, silver, gypsum, chromites and others.

  12. Special arrangements will be made for the development of the mining industry, and state-of-the-art machinery will be provided for the growth and expansion of this sector.

  13. Getting rid of the outdated and semi-feudal means of production imposed by the occupying forces in Balochistan, agricultural reforms will be introduced to synchronize the agricultural economy with the modern means of production. A land ceiling of 50 acres will be fixed for Nehri lands while that for Barani lands will be fixed keeping in view per unit production of the land. All uncultivated land will be distributed among the landless farmers in accordance with the land ceiling formula.

  14. For the development of agriculture, it will be declared an industry. Farmers and peasants will be provided with modern agricultural equipment like tractors, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds etc free of cost, and no excessive agricultural and water taxes will be levied upon them.

  15. Loans without interest and financial grants will be provided to peasants and small farmers in order to increase their agricultural produce. Special laws will be devised for the protection of their rights and they will be given the right to form associations.

  16. Water reserves will be developed. Apart from utilizing underground water reserves, big dams and check dams will be built on all rivers and streams to store floodwater in order to improve and modernize the irrigation system.

  17. The Baloch National Movement considers provision of employment, education, accommodation, health services and other basic facilities as the basic right of every citizen and will take practical measures so that the state performs these responsibilities effectively.

  18. The models of developed nations will be kept in mind while devising an effective taxation system. A research center comprising economic experts will be formed which will be tasked to recommend policies for increased national growth, and how the national earning should be utilized for development works in order to establish a welfare state.


4. Fishing and Marine Resources

  1. For the development of the fishing industry and utilization of marine resources, the fishermen will be provided with modern tools and equipment which should not be detrimental to marine life. The fishermen will also be given loans on easy installments, boats, engines, nets and technical training. Ports will be build at all coastal areas and cold storage and factories will be established for the modern packaging and storage of the fish catch. Efforts will be taken for the international marketing for the export of fish products.

  2. Cooperative societies and fishing farms will be set up to protect the economic rights of the fishermen.


5.  Protection of livestock and wildlife


i. Cattle farms will be established for livestock breeding and raising. Specials steps will be taken for the rehabilitation of nomadic population, and they will be provided with water, electricity, education, medical treatment, employment and communication facilities. Cattle farms and poultry farms will be awarded the status of home industries, and bank loans will be ensured for them.

ii. Wildlife will be protected. Effective laws will be formulated and national parks established for the protection of natural pastures, wild animals and birds.

iii. Tourist locations will be preserved and reinvigorated to promote tourism. Giving tourism the status of an industry, it will be used as an important source to earn foreign exchange.

6. Communication

i. Modernizing the means of trade and communication, an effective transport system will be developed keeping in view Balochistan’s peculiar geographic conditions. A comprehensive network of roads, bridges, railway lines and sea and air communications will be established to link all the areas of Balochistan.

ii. Balochistan will be connected with the global village through Information Technology and computer technology, and education institutes of international standards will be established using the latest technology to modernize the education system in Balochistan.


7. Education


i. The colonial and neo-colonial education system will be rooted out from education institutes. A new educational curriculum will be developed keeping in view the national needs, modern standards, scientific values and Baloch history and culture which must be acceptable for international universities.

ii. Putting an end to the education system which is based on commercial interests and class system, all citizens will be provided with equal and uniform educational facilities. Education will be free and compulsory for all, and basic educational centers will be established at village level.

8. Culture and civilization


i. Special measures will be taken to discover and preserve the Baloch historical heritage.

ii. Specialized institutions will be developed to encourage the writers, researchers, poets, artists and musicians of Balochi and Brahvi languages.

iii. Special steps will be taken for the development and promotion of the Baloch handicraft, embroidery and architecture.

9. Independent, positive and non-aligned foreign policy


i. Adopting an independent, positive and non-aligned foreign policy, the Baloch National Movement will establish political, economic, trade and cultural relations with the comity of nations on the basis of peaceful coexistence.

ii. Friendly and brotherly relations will be established with neighbouring countries and a policy of non-intervention in one another’s internal affairs will be adopted.

iii. The Baloch National Movement will join hands with peace-loving nations of the world to put an end to wars and the nuclear arms race in order to bring peace, and democratic, social and economic prosperity in the world. The Party will stand against those nations who take part in the race for the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction in contravention to the UN Charter and international laws.

iii. The Baloch National Movement will struggle against colonialist and neocolonialist systems, racism and discrimination at all forums. It will support all countries and political movements struggling on similar lines.

iii. The Baloch National Movement considers self-rule as the inherent right of every nation and recognizes it as a universal principle for global peace and the survival of human race, and the essence of political, economic and social prosperity. Therefore, it will support all the anti-colonial movements of national liberation, labour-rights movements and democratic forces.


10. Basic Human, Democratic and Social rights

To establish the political and social structures on democratic lines in Balochistan, the Baloch National Movement will take the following measures for the restoration and protection of human, democratic and social rights:

  1. The Baloch National Movement will end the system of exploitation of individuals by making Balochistan a national democracy where the people will be the driving force in establishing a government system. It will guarantee the right of every individual –without any discrimination of colour, race, religion, caste or gender –to take part in the establishment of the Baloch national sovereignty, apply for any position in the government and give their opinion in state affairs.

  2. The national democracy will be based on true democratic principles where the common people will form the essence of the whole system. It will guarantee the welfare of the people.

  3. People’s right to franchise will be recognized and protected. A mixed electoral system will be adopted on the basis of adult franchise and one person one vote. Every individual will have the right of free speech and to form political parties.

  4. Gender discrimination will be eradicated and it will be made sure that men and women enjoy equal and uniform rights. The Baloch women’s equal participation in the nation-building process will be guaranteed.

  5. Employment, education, accommodation, medical treatment and food will be considered the basic rights of every individual and practical measures will be taken for their provision.

  6. The rights of the children will be protected. Special attention will be given to their upbringing, education, health and nutritional needs so that they play a positive and constructive role in the building and promotion of society as healthy and skilled individuals.

  7. Class-based and commercial education institutions will be banned and all the citizens will be provided with uniform education facilities. Education will be made free and compulsory. Education in mother tongues will be recognized as a basic right and implemented in education institutes.

  8. Educational, arts, science and technical learning facilities, and health centers of international standards will be established in Balochistan’s rural and urban areas.

  9. Efforts will be made for the labourers’ rights of collective bargaining, to form unions and go on strike. All the rights of the labourers according to the ILO’s charter will be protected. The minimum salary of the labourers will be fixed according to the latest inflation index.

  10. Industrial laws will be made to ensure that the labourers and their families get proper medical and educational facilities. Also, legal action will be taken to improve the industrial conditions and ease terms of labour.

  11. The judiciary will be separated from the administrative pillar of the state in order to provide fast and unhindered justice to the people. Legislations will be made to purge bureaucracy of corruption, despotism and other social evils.

  12. The Party will fight against dictatorships, one-party rule and other anti-democracy steps. The role of political parties and democratic institutions will be strengthened in the promotion of political action.

  13. The citizenship and democratic rights of all the ethnic and religious minorities living in Balochistan will be protected. All the discriminatory laws that can bring division in society or affect basic human rights will be abolished, and all citizens will be provided with equal rights without any discrimination.

  14. All those draconian laws which had been made to protect the interests of colonial masters, landlords and capitalists will be abolished. They will be replaced with new laws which are in line with the international manifesto of human rights and progressive Baloch values.

  15. Old homes and welfare centers will be established for the elderly citizens. Old age benefit insurance schemes will be introduced, and the state will bear all the expenses in case of disability.  Every facility will be ensured for the elderly citizens.

  16. The trade, use and distribution of drugs in Balochistan will be made a serious crime. Practical measures will be taken for the rehabilitation of addicted people. Every effort will be made for the eradication of drugs and other social evils from society.

  17. The basic rights of medical practitioners, engineers, teachers and other professionals will be guaranteed.

11. Defence


To establish peace in the Baloch state and not for aggressive and expeditionist designs, a national army will be formed to defend the geographical and ideological borders of the state.