May 15, 2020

Baloch National Movement foreign spokesperson Hammal Haider Baloch in his statement said that due to the outbreak of a pandemic, coronavirus, diplomatic works, important meetings, seminars, party programs, and demonstrations and protests have been postponed for an undefined period.

He said that in this duration they also called off several important meetings, including two scheduled meetings with members of the British parliament.

He said that on 15 May an important meeting was scheduled which had been postponed for an undefined period. Though the zone members of BNM had met with the secretary of the members of parliament and discussed an expected meeting in the future.  They were assured of a probable meeting as the situations come to normalization.

Hammal Haider Baloch said that Baloch National Movement had planned to organize an international conference in 2020.  “The planning and preparations were under process, but due to the gravity of the situation, we are forced to postpone it. As...

May 5, 2020

Dil Murad Baloch, Central Information Secretary of the Baloch National Movement, in his report for the month of April said that in Occupied Balochistan the aggression of Pakistani forces was intensified in the month of April. The forces whisked away several people across Balochistan in more than 100 operations and raids. Along with the ground forces gunship helicopters were also used In those military operations. 

Various areas including Awaran, Kech, Panjgoor, Mashkai, Jhao, Mand, Dasht, Buleda, Zamuran, Parom, Kahan and Talli were subjected to military barbarism and brutality. During these operations, the forces detained more than 100 people and shifted them to unknown locations. This month, 12 Baloch were martyred by the Pakistani army and its proxies. In Mand area of district Kech, the army men opened fire on people killing a young man. The army shot two people and threw their bodies into a river during the operation in Kolwah. In Dera Bugti, a patient lost his life, while security...

May 2, 2020

The Chairman of Baloch National Movement, Khalil Baloch said that the demise of the exiled Baloch journalist Sajid Hussain has deeply saddened us. “His death is an irreparable loss” to the Baloch nation. The chairman also expressed his fear for the thousands of other Baloch refugees who have sought asylum in different countries of the world. “We are disappointed to Swedish police and authorities upon the death of Sajid Hussain. It has created an alarming situation for the thousands of Baloch asylum seekers and refugees.” 

He added, “The lives of the persecuted Baloch are not even safe in the civilized world. The international organization of journalists, “Reporters Without Borders” has also shared our fear that Pakistan spy agency could be behind the abduction and killing of Sajid Hussain. We had already expressed our concern that the notorious spy agency of Pakistan ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) could be involved in his abduction.” He criticized the Swedish police department due to...

May 1, 2020

The Chairman of Baloch National Movement, Khalil Baloch, and Secretary-General, Dr. Murad Baloch in their joint statement paid tribute to martyr Major Noora and his companions. They said that the Pakistan army martyred them in a ground and aerial military operation in Parom area of Panjgur. After killing the martyrs their bodies were despoiled and dishonored. This act of Pakistani army reflects what Pakistan as a country lacks i.e human dignity and Pakistan's inherent hatred towards the Baloch nation. 

Pakistan army flouted human dignity, war ethics, and international laws by tying the bodies of Baloch martyrs and dragging them behind vehicles. Such brutal acts and tactics of “outrage upon personal dignity” display their hatred against the Baloch nation.

Such crimes by the Pakistani army have also taken place in previous instances e.g in Mashkay, the Pakistan army did a similar barbaric act by despoiling the bodies of Master Safar Khan and martyr Sulaiman. We also brought that war crime...

April 23, 2020

Dr. Murad Baloch, Secretary-General of the Baloch National Movement, while commenting on the military operations in Balochistan and the situation of Coronavirus expressed his concerns that Pakistan like in the past will misuse international aid to build up its military as well as to suppress the oppressed nations. Pakistan’s history is a witness that this state had always used international aid for military purposes. In the same way, the outbreak of coronavirus is a gift from nature for the Pakistani army. This is evident from a TV interview of federal minister Sheikh Rashid where he is openly saying, if this epidemic had not come, Pakistan would have gone bankrupt, and God is supporting Imran Khan.

BNM Secretary-General said that for several decades Pakistan had been getting international aids from world organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), in order to eradicate polio but Pakistan did not take any action. The reasons are obvious because Pakistan has been cheati...

April 16, 2020

بلوچ نیشنل موومنٹ سینٹرل کمیٹی کا تیسرا اجلاس چیئرمین خلیل بلوچ کی صدارت میں منعقد ہوا۔ اجلاس شہدا کی یاد سے شروع ہوا۔ مرکزی

کمیٹی اجلاس میں بلوچستان اور خطے کی سیاسی صورت حال، پارٹی امور، سیکریٹری رپورٹ، فنانس رپورٹ، بلوچ مہاجرین، لٹریری رپورٹ، ڈائسپورہ پر سیر حاصل بحث کیا گیا اورکابینہ کے گزشتہ اجلاس کے فیصلے اور چیئرمین کی طرف سے مرکزی کمیٹی ممبران کی نامزدگی توثیق کے لئے پیش کرنے کے علاوہ مختلف ایجنڈے زیربحث آئے اور مختلف فیصلے کئے گئے۔ سینٹرل کمیٹی اجلاس میں فیصلہ کیا گیا کہ 2021 کو پارٹی کی قومی کونسل سیشن کا انعقاد کیا جائے گا۔

مرکزی کمیٹی کے اجلاس سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے چیئرمین خلیل بلوچ نے کہا کہ پارٹی مرکزی کمیٹی کے اجلاس میں تاخیر پر میں بحیثیت چیئرمین مرکزی کمیٹی اور پارٹی کارکنوں سے معذرت خواہ ہوں۔سیکورٹی مسائل سمیت مختلف مشکلات ہماری میٹنگ کی راہ میں رکاوٹ رہی ہیں۔ سیکورٹی مسائل میں اضافے کی وجہ سے تین بار میٹنگ کی تیاری کے باوجود ہم اجلاس منعقد کرنے میں کامیاب نہ ہوسکے۔ امید کرتا ہوں کہ آج کے مرکزی کمیٹی میں ساتھی بہتر پالیسی سازی کریں گے۔ ریاستی جبر، ساتھیوں کی شہادت سے آمدورف...

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