September 22, 2020

Baloch National Movement's spokesman in a statement said that Pakistan had turned the Gichk area in Washuk district into a Nazi concentration camp. The humiliation of humanity has reached its peak there.

He said that the latest wave of operation in and around Gichk has been going on since August 11, 2020. Most mountain settlements have been forced to relocate near military camps. Majority of the men have been detained and are missing. Hundreds of homes have been set on fire. Wheat stocks have also been set on fire.

The spokesman said the latest situation in Gichk is like a Nazi concentration camp. For several days now, women of the area have been gathered under the open sky. Women are kept in this situation for many days. Some have been released after some time after undergoing mental and physical torture while other women are at the mercy of savage army.

"These are women who mostly lived in mountain settlements or at distant villages from heavy populated areas, and their men are mostly i...

September 20, 2020

The General Body Meeting of BNM’s Netherland Zone was held in Amsterdam on Saturday which was presided by Dr. Naseem Baloch, Organizer of the BNM Diaspora Committee. The previous zonal performance report, finance report, discussion on the current situation and suggestions were part of the meeting’s agenda. At the conclusion of the meeting, the election committee and the new cabinet were formed. The new cabinet comprises of Keeya Baloch as president, Waleed Baloch as vice president, Kahoor Jan as general secretary, Munnawar Baloch as deputy secretary and Asif Baloch as finance secretary.

The meeting was addressed by Dr. Naseem Baloch, Zonal President Keeya Baloch, and Wajah Abdul Ghani. "In consideration to the current situation, we need to be more organized and active in foreign countries because the occupying state of Pakistan has banned all activities for the Baloch in Balochistan," he said. Activists struggling for Baloch national liberation and fundamental rights are abducted, tortu...

September 15, 2020

British MPs have vowed to speak out on human rights abuses, including Hayat Baloch. Dr Naseem Baloch

Dr Naseem Baloch, Organizer of the Baloch National Movement Diaspora Committee, thanked the British Member of Parliament and said that Jonathan Gullis MP, a British Member of Parliament and Conservative Party MP had asked the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office about Hayat Baloch's assassination. Responding to Jonathan Gullis MP, Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon Minister of State for South Aisa and Commonwealth assured that the British Government strongly condemns any extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances. We call on all states to investigate such incidents, bring those responsible to justice and provide justice to the oppressed and their families.

Dr Naseem Baloch said that on the directive of BNM Diaspora committee to the members of UK Zone to contact their local MPs and ask them to raise their voice against the murder of Hayat Baloch and serious humanitarian and hu...

September 10, 2020

Baloch National Movement spokesman said in a statement, the mutilated body of Hafizullah son of Rahim Mohammad Hassani, who went missing from Dalbanden four years ago, was found at Pul-e-Choto in Chaghi. After his assassination, he was buried without a shroud, and the corpse was exposed after recent rains and floods. Hafizullah, who was a farmer by profession, was forcibly disappeared on August 30, 2016.

The spokesman said that Hafizullah’s younger brother Naimatullah had testified in a press conference that his brother had been abducted by security forces from his house in Kili Qasim Khan. Hafeezullah’s mother, speaking to BBC Urdu at Voice for Baloch Missing Persons camp in front of the Quetta Press Club, revealed that a Pakistani army major, Major Naveed, demanded Rs 6.8 million in exchange for her son. Despite the payment, Hafizullah was never recovered.

The BNM spokesman said that many such incidents have been taking place in Balochistan for many years but the victims do not come fo...

September 5, 2020

Dil Murad Baloch, Central Information Secretary, Baloch National Movement, while releasing a detailed report for the month of August 2020, said that August is the most grisly month in the history of the Baloch nation; in like manner this year the month of August also marched while inflicting deep wounds to the Baloch nation. This month experienced an increase in military barbarism in Balochistan which is unabatedly continued for the last two decades. More than 70 military operations and raids, 113 people were abducted by the army, 12 people were martyred, hundreds of houses were set on fire, more than 100 women and children were detained from the mountain ranges in Gichk and transferred to military torture cells. Some were later released in miserable conditions.

Dil Murad Baloch said that Hayat Mirza Baloch, a young student of Karachi University, was killed by the Pakistani army in front of his parents at Apsar in Kech. Another young man was killed in prison after being taken into custo...

September 3, 2020

The spokesman for the Baloch National Movement said that two years ago Pakistani security forces had captured ten youths and whisked them away from Zangi Nawar, a picnic spot in Noshki District, but after two years of lapse, their whereabouts are still unknown. On August 31, 2018, Pakistani forces had arrested namely Mir Ahmed Sami son of Rehmatullah, Abdul Rab son of Haji Abdul Majeed, Bilal Ahmed son of Mir Ahmed Baloch, Abdul Rashid son of Abdul Razzaq and Muhammad Asif son of Muhammad and including other five young men. 

The spokesman said that after two days, several Pakistani TV channels had reported the arrest of two of them from the Hazar Ganji area of Quetta. Hence, later on, no further information was given about them. Their family members had been protesting in front of the Quetta Press Club several times in the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) camp for the recovery of their loved ones.

He said that the family of Bilal Ahmed had recently claimed in a press conference at...

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