August 11th is the day of renewal of vows. BNM

Shaal: The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement issued a statement on August 11th Balochistan Independence Day and said that August 11th is a day of vow’s renewal because on that day we got the status of an independent country through a combination of long struggle and sacrifice. But that freedom could not be maintained for long, however August 11 has given us the message that any power in the world can be defeated by struggle and resistance. And today, if a state slightly weaker than Britain is occupying us, then we will definitely be able to expel a cruel state like Pakistan from our homeland with resistance.

Speaking on the background of August 11, the spokesman said that Baloch is the bearer and guardian of the oldest culture, civilization and traditions of the ancient era, therefore, while maintaining the resistance traditions of their ancestors, they fought against the occupation of the British. The strong roots of Baloch society were tried to be destroyed through divide and rule policy and Sandeman system, the Baloch homeland was divided by these policies. But the resistance of the Baloch nation could not be suppressed and despite thousands of weaknesses continued to move toward its destination.

‘‘In the second decade of the twentieth century, the foundation of the movement was laid in a scientific basis and in the third decade, efforts were made to organize and strengthen the movement under the leadership of a regular political party. The rally, procession and other political programs gave a clear message of independence to the Baloch nation and finally on August 11, Balochistan appeared on the map of the world in the form of an independent homeland, which the credit goes to the Baloch nation and their comrades.’’

‘‘But nine months after the independence of August 11th, Pakistan once again occupied the Baloch homeland with the help of British power, and Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan remains intact till today.” He speaks.

At the end of his statement, the spokesperson said that political resistance is the only way to get the freedom of the Baloch nation and instead of being a victim of a mirage, we can get our freedom only by knowing the difference between illusion and reality. Baloch intellectuals, educators’ intelligent people should be a part of the freedom movement and support the organizations and parties fighting for freedom in ongoing circumstances. and play crucial role in defeating the forces that are misleading the people so that the dream of freedom is once again interpreted into reality.

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