BNM conducts wall chalking in Dera Gazi Khan and other parts of Balochistan

Baloch National Movement in the second phase distributed pamphlets and conducted of wall chalking Campaign in the areas of Dera Ghazi Khan, Awaran, Kech, and Khuzdar.

Earlier in Balicha, Turbat, Chahsar, Dunnuk, Gokdan, Nasirabad, Kulaho, Gomazi, Buleda, Alandor, Menaz, Kor-e-Pusht, Dambani and also in Babbarsur a village of Pasni, wall chalking was carried out regarding 14th August as Black Day.

Pamphlets were distributed in several areas Khuzdar in Srej, gari, Cheel, Gwarast, Tapko, Jaroji, Patankunari, Bidrang, Kocha, Shurdap, Shurkarudi, Goni, and in different regions of Awaran District.

BNM spokesperson Qazi Rehan said about this that on the day of the creation of Pakistan, the Pakistani army with all its strength and resources organizes its so-called independence ceremonies in Balochistan to show the world that Balochs have accepted Pakistan as their country.

He added due to the atrocities of the Pakistan Army and security forces BNM has asked its members and sympathizers to work underground. BNM members and supporters are present in every village and every house in Balochistan, but for a long-time surface activities were limited to protect party members and sympathizers from the oppression of the Pakistan Army. This time with the coordination and unity of the members and sympathizers it was decided to conduct wall chalking and distribute pamphlets. The campaign remained successful due to the courage of the members.

He said that through this campaign, we wanted to send a message to both friends and enemies that BNM is not an organization that can be eliminated by Pakistan through its oppression. BNM is a representative party of the Baloch national’s desires. As long as the desire for freedom of its people is alive in the mind of a Baloch, BNM will remind alive. Every committed son and daughter of the Baloch nation who has the desire for a free Balochistan, we consider him or her a supporter of BNM and whoever takes a step for the national struggle should know that he or she is reliable support of BNM’s members

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