14th August is a black day not only for Balochistan but for the whole world: BNM

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement said that 14th August is a black day not only for the Baloch nation but for the whole world. On this day, the Western powers divided India for their own interests and created Pakistan, which took over Balochistan seven months later and deprived us of our national independence. Despite the intervention of the British, Balochistan managed to save its existence and sovereignty till March 27, 1948. After the partition of India on 14th August and the creation of Pakistan, later it occupied Balochistan by military aggression.

The spokesperson said that India’s division on religious basis have radically changed the situation in the world, especially in the region. Pakistan occupied Balochistan and threw us into the darkness of slavery. The Baloch genocide has been going on here ever since. The fabric of the world today, which is plagued by religious extremism and terrorism, dates back to August 14, 1947. It created Pakistan and ignited religious sentiments and killed thousands of people.

He said that along with the Bengalis who were at the forefront of the establishment of Pakistan, Pakistan had perpetrated the worst atrocities of history to them. The Bengali nation was fortunate to soon gain independence but other subjugated nations are still in the throes of oppression.

The spokesperson said that from the first day after the Pakistani occupation, the Baloch nation took the path of resistance. The journey of sacrifice continues to this day through various ups and downs. The Baloch nation has to some extent convinced the world that Pakistan is the axis of terrorism and with the existence of Pakistan, peace and brotherhood in the region and the world is impossible.

He said that Pakistan is not only the occupier of Baloch homeland and enemy to Baloch but also the enemy of all humanity including the countries of the region. Today, Pakistan has a hand in promoting terrorism in the countries of the region. These countries must work together with the Baloch nation against the common enemy.

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