Demonstrations will be held on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture-BNM

Baloch National Movement announced to hold demonstration and references on June 26, in occasion of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture and Against Drug Abuse. statement says that the state of Pakistan had turned Balochistan into an extended prison for the Baloch people, where no one is safe, neither Baloch youth, nor women, the elderly and children.

The Central Spokesperson said in his statement that the people of Balochistan are being forcibly disappeared and shifted to torture cells where they are subject to inhumane torture. Violence is an unacceptable act that has been rejected by the United Nations and its associated organisations. To this end, the United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT) has been set up to oversee these matters.To prevent violence, June 26 is celebrated as the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture to send a message to the people that violence is an illegal and immoral act that must be eradicated at all levels.

The spokesman added that June 26 is also International Against Drug Abuse. Drugs are poison that enchants a person towards destruction. It takes away human ability to think and understand. In Balochistan, the state of Pakistan has given free rein to drug dealers. The sole purpose of this idea is to plague Baloch youth with the evil of drugs addiction in order to take away the faculty of thinking from youths and intoxicate the environment to eliminate political, educational and other healthy activities.

The spokesperson said that June 26 is a day to raise awareness among the people for the rehabilitation of victims of violence and providing them justice. According to international laws violence is degrading and unjustified act which cannot be defended in any case.

“In Balochistan, state intelligence agencies use illegal tactics of violence to force people to confess to a crime by forcibly disappearing under the policy of collective punishment. These perpetrators commit all kinds of inhumane torture which is a crime but there is no one to question them. That is why they torture people and dump their mutilated bodies without any sort of fear.” He spoke.

At the end of his statement, the spokesperson urged all Zone and chapters to hold worldwide demonstrations on the occasion of International Day in Support of Victims of Torture and Against Drug Abuse on June 26 to make the world aware of the situation in Balochistan and unmask the real face of Pakistan. On local level all zone should hold references in order to express solidarity with the victims of violence and play a role in their rehabilitation.

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