Military operations intensify after CPEC. BNM

Spokesman of Baloch National Movement (BNM) stated in his statement that after the project and agreement of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), military operations in Balochistan have been intensified. Human Rights and the United Nation's charter is being violated in dail

y bases through ground and airstrikes by Pakistan in Balochistan. Today once again Pakistani army attacked on nationalist leader Akhtar Nadeem's house in Mashkay Balochistan, who have already migrated to get rid of Pakistani barbarism. Pakistani forces previously abducted Akhter Nadeem's uncle Ghulam Mustafa from his house in Hub area of Balochistan along with his juvenile nephew Umar Jan and a relative named Azum, a labour in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Their houses were also burnt by the forces, which isn't the first time. Burning the vacant houses and firing mortars on them is a sign of losing their senses and open expression of hatred to Baloch by the Pakistani forces. He further said, Pakistani forces murdered a dozen of Baloch civilians within a period of one week in Mand, Tump, Turbat, Awaran, Dera Bugti, Naseer Abad and other areas of Balochistan and a large number of civilians got abducted during the military operations. Pakistan is committing Baloch genocide in return of 46 billions dollars package, in which China is equally partner. The civilized world must think and take notice of the critical situation in the region. The spokesman said that dozens of Baloch civilians forcefully disappeared during the military operations in Naseer Abad, Balgatar and Kech recently. After killing two civilians and abductions of two dozen of civilians in Mand and Tump area, the statement by the FC is completely a lie and is to hide their atrocities. Because of the restrictions on media, journalists and political organizations in Balochistan, the real situation is not reached to international authorities. Yesterday Latif Baloch's dead body was dumped in Kech, who was abducted during a military operation on October 5, 2016 in Kolwah. Today Pakistani forces conducted a military operation in Balgathar and Naseer Abad in which not only the Baloch women were abused but also the houses were set ablaze after looting the valuables. While in the same time one man was killed by Pakistani security forces' firing. The spokesman added that Baloch masses genocide is intensified on the name of CPEC. In such an alarming situation the critical silence of human rights organizations and civilized world is astonishing and a question mark.

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