#SaveShabirBaloch: Protests in Europe and Australia

Baloch National Movement (BNM) and Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-Azad) are jointly organizing protests in England, Australia and Germany against forceful disappearance of BSO leader, the Central Information Secratary Shabir Baloch. Shabir Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces in a military operation in Gwarkop area of District Kech, Balochistan on October 4, 2016.

Pakistani forces have started a series of abductions, kill and dump against Baloch leaders and common Baloch people, which has turned into Baloch genocide.

Founding President of BNM Ghulam Mohammad Baloch who played a key role in safe recovery of UNHCR head in Balochistan John Soleki, was abducted by Pakistani army in his lawyer's office in Turbat on April 3, 2009 and six days later his mutilated dead body was in outskirts of Turbat, Kech, called Murgaap. Later on Murgaap has produced more than a dozen of mutilated bodies.

Ghulam Mohammad was nor the first neither the last to be victim of Pakistan's notorious "Kill and Dump" policy. Qambar Chakar, Comrade Qayyum, Rasool Bakhsh Mengal, Haji Razaq, Razaq Gul, Shafi Baloch and thousands of others are in this list.

Several other Baloch leader including BSO then Chairman Zahid Baloch, Vice Chairman Zakir Majeed, BNM's Dr Deen Mohammad, Ghafoor Baloch and Ramzan Baloch are abducted by Pakistani forces and are still missing; years passed now. Shabir Baloch's name is an addition in the large list of Missing Persons.

We fear Shabir Baloch's fate like others. Though Amnesty International and Asian Human Rights Commission have issued urgent actions appeal for safe recovery of Shabir Baloch but Pakistani authorities are in a state of denial about arrest/abduction of Shabir Baloch like others.

We appeal human rights organizations to pressurize Pakistan against his inhuman acts, war crimes and crime against humanity in Balochistan.

Our protests are scheduled as under:

1) GERMANY BERLIN DATE: 22/10/2016 In front of Brandenburger Tor (Berlin Gate) near USA Embassy TIME: 3:00 To 5:00 PM Local Time

2) ENGLAND LONDON DATE: 22/10/2016 In front of Britain Parliament TIME: 2:00 To 5:00 PM Local Time

3) AUSTRALIA DATE: 23/10/2016 In front of Victorian State Library TIME: 12:00 To 2:00 PM Local Time

There will be online campaigns during days of protests. All are requested to participate and highlight Shabir Baloch's abduction and Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan.

Hashtag: #SaveShabirBaloch Timing: 4:00 To 8:00 PM Balochistan Time

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