Terrorism seeping through all Pakistan institutions: BNM

The spokesperson for the Baloch National Movement has said the Quetta incident was the outcome of Pakistan’s state policy of using religious fanaticism and extremism.

The BNM expressed sympathies with the families of the victims on the basis of humanity and Baloch national values.

“Baloch national genocide, exploitation, brutality, and recurrence of such incidents are evident of Pakistan's cruelties towards the Baloch nation,” he said.

The spokesperson added that accepting Pakistan's version on such incidents was tantamount to disrespecting facts.

“It has become essential to think why, along with state terrorism, such incidents are repeatedly occurring in Balochistan? Two and half months ago, a batch of lawyers were killed in a suicide attack.”

He said that the Baloch National Movement had repeatedly reiterated its stance that Pakistan -- with its expansionist ambitions in the region to keep India under pressure, to make Afghanistan its fifth province, and to blackmail the world -- has created a parallel army of r

eligious fanatics, which they use as a tool against the Baloch people, India, Afghanistan and whole the world.

He stressed that Pakistan was trying to strengthen its source of power, the religious tool, in the region with fire and bloodbath. “It has become the integral part of state policies. All institutions are gradually moving into their hands.”

On the other hand, he added, the international community has increased its pressure on Pakistan for promoting and sponsoring terrorism. Due to this, the Pakistani state has suffered internal divisions.

“This unnatural state nurtures religious fanaticism and extremism as a state policy and uses it against the Baloch and the whole humanity, but the world doesn’t seem to have succeeded in formulating a clear policy about Pakistan.”

In the latest incident, those people were targeted who were being prepared to be used against the Baloch national struggle, but they fell victim to Pakistan’s anti-world, anti-human policies and its internal contradictions.

The spokesperson said such incidents were not possible without the patronage of the state.

“The Quetta incident is part of Pakistan’s immoral efforts to counter the intensity of international pressure. The victims were those who had been trapped into Pakistan’s clutches.”

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