We appeal the world to help put an end to the Baloch genocide. BNM

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) is dismayed with the international community's indifference towards the war crimes being committed by the Pakistani army in Occupied Balochistan. The CPEC, that Pakistan and China prod as a project of prosperity, is no more than a justification for the ethnic cleansing of Baloch nation from Balochistan and an attempt to place the Chinese war-machine in close proximity to the strait of Hormuz and to use it as shield, against the world powers, for carrying out cross-border terrorism in Afghanistan and India and for tightening its grip on the occupied land of Balochistan.

Pakistani forces have re-intensified their military operations in Buleda, Zamauran and other areas of Occupied Balochistan. On January 14, 2016, a minor, Asad son of Mohammad Ali, suffering from Mutism was shot dead, execution-style, by Pakistani forces during a door-to-door search operation in Alandur area of Buleda. While in Zamauran, Muhammad Jan Baloch was shot dead during military operation. Zamuran has been subjected to increased aerial patrolling and search operations for the past week now. During the Alandor operation, residents' homes were ransacked and inmates robbed of their valuables by pillaging Pakistani forces. Many locals were abducted as well. The Pakistani army operation in Dasht has entered a third month now, the crackdown in the areas of Mand and Tump have been extended to Buleda and Zamuran. Thousands of residents have been forced to flee their homes and forced to live in a state of destitution due to the ongoing operation which is part of the Sino-Pak CPEC project. In military operations in Dera Bugti, Awaran and Naseerabad several Baloch citizens have been abducted by the Pakistani state forces. The BNM is trying to confirm the numbers of the disappeared as the areas have been imposed with a communications blackout. The BNM earnestly appeals to the world powers to help put an end to the Baloch genocide and try the Pakistani officials responsible, for crimes against humanity, at the Hague. The BNM condoles the death of Asad and Muhammad Jan Baloch and wants to reaffirm that it will continue to its struggle for winning independence for Balochistan to put an end to the sufferings of the Baloch and for stabilizing the region.

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