The central spokesman of BNM in a press release specified that the Pakistani forces are setting unimaginable new examples of brutality in Balochistan. The continued operation in Dera Bugti and surroundings has resulted in the death of more than a dozen civilians including women and children. A renowned and elderly Balochi poet Mr. Misk Ali s/o Sabz Ali was also targeted and killed in Dera Bugti. The killing of the 80 years old poet is

a part of the systematic elimination of Balochi language, values and traditions.

The Pakistani army has abducted more than 150 civilians from Kohistan Marri area where a continued military operation is taking place; the abductees’ fate is unknown. More than 100 people have also been abducted from Mand, Tump and Dasht in Makran. One of our former martyred leader Mr. Imdad Baloch’s house was raided and goods were looted by the occupying forces. The house of Mr. Shakir Baloch who is a leader of BNM Germany chapter was also raided. Similarly many tombs of Baloch martyrs were razed by the occupying forces.

BNM condemns the violence and brutalities of the Pakistani forces and urges the International community to do more to prevent the on-going ethnic cleansing of the Baloch people.

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