There should be no place for genocide in the 21st century. BNM

March 9, 2017. The Baloch National Movement (BNM) is outraged by the blatant war crimes being committed by the Pakistani state in Occupied Balochistan. In March when the world celebrates women's day, Pakistani forces are engaging in genocidal operations against the Baloch nation and Baloch women in particular. The Frontier Corps of the Pakistani Army abducted sixteen women, including one woman with her newborn baby, from Murmasi, Mashkay on March 7. The abducted women are being kept incommunicado at the Gajjar military camp. Fourteen more women were abducted on March 9, from Tank and Bundiki areas of Mashkay whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Fatima Baloch accompanied by her sister and one male family member were abducted from the Baloch Hospital in Turbat where she was undergoing medical treatment for injuries suffered during a Pakistani military raid on March fourth in her hometown of Buleda. Fatima and her family members were taken away, by force, in a military ambulance, they have not been heard from.

The Pakistani military operation concentrating on the populations between Gishkor and Awaran has entered a third day now. At least one hundred Baloch civilians continue to be missing. Several abductees have been either shifted to the Awaran hospital or dumped in desolate locations after being subjected to severe torture by the Pakistani security forces. Pakistani forces also confiscated the identity cards of residents during the operation, ordering them to collect them from the military garrisons on March 15, after registering themselves for the census. The Pakistani military officials also warned of severe consequences in the case of noncompliance.

The latest operations come in wake of a call for a general boycott of the Pakistani census by the Baloch nation due to questions on the legality of a census being held by an occupying force and for countering Pakistan's ulterior motive of turning the Baloch into a minority on their historic homeland through a strategy of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

In the meanwhile at least twenty seven males including a father, Wahidi, and his minor sons, Nek Muhammad and Muhammad Yar, have been abducted during a military operation in Mazaar Goth, Awaran during the last three days. Eighteen more Baloch men, identified as Zahid, Niaz, Nasir, Shoaib, Badal, Fida, Lal Bux, Niaz, Asadullah, Ismail, Cholo Pathan, Nasir Jumma, Shoaib Jumma, Master Hamza, Badal, Atta Havaldar, Barkat and the antediluvian Tahir Muhammad were abducted two days ago from Bozdaad, Mehsood of district Awaran. Tens of residents were abducted from Ahiri, six of the victims were identified as Bashir, Nazar Muhammad, Nazeer, Mir Jan, Syed, Khair Bux. Alim son of Lal Bux, Pir Bux, and four other men were abducted by Pakistani forces from Machi Malaar, Awaraan.

In the end the BNM wants to pay homage to the martyred president of BNM Kech, Suleman Baloch killed, execution style, on March 9th by Pakistani forces when they raided his home. Suleman rose to the party's leadership echelons due to his hard work and dedication. The BNM once again appeals to the world powers and the international community to review their policy of aloofness towards Pakistan's crimes against humanity in occupied Balochistan. There should be no place for genocide in the 21st century.

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