BNM condemns the attack on house of Baloch singer musician Munhaj Mukhtar

The central spokesperson of BNM in his statement released here on Wednesday told that the military operations in Balochistan have been intensified. After more than one and a half decade of ongoing military operations, it is more intensified with every new government.

In the beginning of this century, when Pakistani military government started military operations in Balochistan, the so called democratic and political organizations sitting in the opposition in the parliament, issued emotional statements against the tyranny in Balochistan to gain sympathy of Baloch people.

But once in power, democratic government's brutalities exceeded all the previous brutalities in the military rule, committed in Balochistan.

Asif Ali Zardari (Ex president of Pakistan) used the word apology, but increased the number of mutilated bodies of Baloch people. On the other hand, apology was an insult for the Baloch nation. Because Baloch people are going through oppression and it depends on Baloch people whether to forgive the provincial and federal governments or not. Nawaz Sharif ( Pakistan prime minister) is no more different than the others.

Those who claim in international forums to be the champions and defenders of democracy and freedom of speech, have restricted and violated the right of freedom of speech in such a way such examples can't be found in history.

Government schools and colleges are turned into military camps, and the private schools are attacked by the Pakistani military funded religious extremist militants or the teachers are abducted and schools are shut down.

Central spokesperson further added, expressing your opinions and thoughts with Balochi poetry and songs is also prohibited.

Today in Konshkalat area of Tump district Kech, Balochistan, Pakistani security forces once again attacked the house of famous Balochi singer and musician Munhaj Mukhtar and burnt the house. We condemn this undemocratic and inhuman act.

Singing is a way to protect your language and culture from extinction. Pakistan is attacking Baloch artists to extinct Balochi culture. This is not the first attack. Previously, Balochi an Brahui singers, Faqeer Mohammed Ajiz from Mastung and Ali Jan Saqib from Basima have been abducted and extrajudicially killed by Pakistani security forces.

Moreover, the abductions, killings and burning of poor Baloch's houses in the widespread of Balochistan is continued unabated. In last ten days, Pakistani helicopters' bombardment and ground forces' attacks in different areas of Mand, Tump, Sami, Balgatar, Shapuk and Gichk have resulted abductions and killings of many Baloch civilians and countless number of livestocks has been destroyed.

In Soler area of Gichk, commandos have been dropped from helicopters and houses have been surrounded, all the men in the houses have been abducted and the houses are set ablaze. All the abductees are farmers and labors.

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