Observing " world freedom press day" in Pakistan is non other than a deceit: BNM

Baloch National Movement (BNM) central spokesperson said in his statement released on Wednesday, May 3, 2017.

On the occasion of the world press freedom day, Pakistan journalism institutions of print and electronic media claims of being independent and unbiased reporting are to mislead the international journalism organizations.

Journalism in Pakistan had come to a point of being merely a tool of propaganda by Pakistani military and other security agencies.

This is why the observation of world press freedom day in the occupied state is nothing less than misleading of the world.

Daily basis of abductions and custodial killings of Baloch civilians in Balochistan is continued unabated. BNM is publishing the reports of these barbarism and atrocities in media every month, but those who are talking of independent journalism and "world freedom press day" are avoiding Balochistan and unable to tell the truths.

So far no print or electronic media bothered to take the effort to head towards Balochistan to know the facts after seeing the continuous atrocities and barbarism in occupied Balochistan committed by the Pakistani army, intelligence agencies and it's proxies "death squads". He added.

However, those who are stating about ethics of journalism on "world press freedom day" shall demonstrate their journalistic responsibility and have courage to visit the land oppressed by the Pakistani army to bring the truth before the world.

The spokesperson paid rich tributes to martyred Fida Baloch and said, today Pakistani parliamentarian and death squad "National Party" is attempting to malign Baloch history by misusing martyr's name to mislead Baloch nation.

Previously, National party representatives have had maligned the facts and history, by declaring theirselve of being true followers of Fida Baloch's ideology and thoughts.

National party's relating itself to Fida Ahmed's ideology is like hiding the sun with your finger.

Martyred Fida is the name of an ideology and a thought, his struggle was for the independent Balochistan. Baloch National Movement is the true creation of Fida Ahmed's ideology.

In order to persist the same ideology, martyred leader Ghulam Mohammad delivered the slogan of independent Balochistan to every house in Balochistan. Toady, Baloch National Movement has vigorously arisen in Baloch national struggle.

National party has become a tool of Pakistani establishment forces and has forgotten that they are far away from Baloch national struggle. National party is now playing the role of a watchman for Pakistan integrity.

These elements will not be allowed to ruin Baloch nation's and great martyr's ideology and thoughts.

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