Intense ground and air operations continue in different areas of Balochistan. BNM

Baloch National Movement (BNM) spokesperson condemned the military operations, kidnappings and custodial killing of Baloch people in Balochistan by Pakistani military.

The occupying state is committing genocide of Baloch nation and violating all the international laws in Balochistan. The number of abductions, custodial killings and other human right violations have massively increased in Balochistan. He added.

He said that Pakistani army has started a massive air and ground military operation in different areas of Jahoo. All the effected areas are still under siege and the communication systems are completely shutdown, due to which we have no access in the effected areas.

On the other hand, the ISPR has claimed the killing of four people, labeling them “terrorists”. We fear they are the Missing persons who have been killed in fake encounters, as it happened in the past, or unarmed civilians killed in military aerial bombardments. It is the characteristic of the Pakistani army.

Expanding it's military operation, today gunship helicopters continued flying over different areas of Awaran, Balochistan, including Teertaj and Gawash areas.

On Saturday Pakistani army abducted 7 civilians in a military operation in Jan Muhammad Bazar Dasht and Tijaban Karki areas of district Kech, who are identified as Khalil s/o Gul Muhammad, Waleed s/o Miyya, Essa s/o Shambey, Master Siraj and Gwahram Ilahi Bukhsh.

During the military operation Pakistani army burned the house of Shakir s/o Dur Muhammad, while tortured women and children.

On Friday Pakistani intelligence agencies abducted Ghaffar s/o Ghafur from Liyaqat Hospital Karachi, Sindh. In the evening, Pakistani forces abducted four civilians from their farmlands in Gomazi area of Tump district Kech, Balochistan, later identified as Imran s/o Haji Abdul Rahman, Naseer s/o Mula Bakhsh, Mahri s/o Waleed, and Tariq s/o Haji Ahmed who were busy in watering and cleaning their farmlands. It is to be clear that forces have banned the people of the area from going to their farmlands, which is the only source of income in the area. Pakistani military and intelligence agencies have conducted military operations in different areas of Dera Bugti and Kuhlu including Chabdar, Nsao, Sakeen and Jannat Ali, two people including a women killed while several injured and a large number of houses were set ablaze after looting.

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