Pakistani forces brutality on Baloch people exceeded all its limits. BNM

Baloch National Movement (BNM) central spokesperson said in his statement, Pakistani forces' brutality on innocent Baloch has exceeded all the limits.

Military operations continue in different areas of Balochistan and the locals are being forced at the gun point to evacuate their areas.

On May 25, 2017. Security forces attacked Gomazi Village, looted all the valuables and live-stocks, before burning the houses of the villagers.

Armed militants of Pakistani army backed (Death squads) joined Pakistani army in this operation and severely tortured women and children of Gomazi village in Tump district Kech, Balochistan. Likewise, low altitude flying of fighter jets on Gomazi and Pidark areas have raised fear and concern among the residents of another military operation.

Spokesperson added, in Dasht district Kech, Balochistan, villagers are forced to drink contaminated water, because of Pakistani security forces took control of all sources of drinking water and denied access to the locals.

Drinking of contaminated water leading to infections and deterioration of the health of the villagers. Due to continuous military operations in Dasht, the Doctors have migrated to different areas, and the sick are left helpless.

Dasht is situated on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route, this is the reason, the area is under constant military barbarism. Thousands have left their homes and migrated to different areas of Balochistan and Sindh, living in plight.

He further added, on Tuesday morning, an innocent was killed, when Pakistani security forces stormed into his house and opened indiscriminate firing in Surab district Kalat. Surab is also situated on CPEC route. Recently, Pakistani security force's attacks and operations have increased on all those areas situated on CPEC route.

Spokesperson appealed to the international organizations to hold Pakistan accountable for all its crime committed in Balochistan.

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