Bloody military operation in Mastung and Kalat areas: BNM

The central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement (BNM) in his statement said, it has been three days since Pakistani military started aerial and ground operation in Mastung and Kalat districts, due to which a large number of civilian casualties are feared.

He said, as in past, Pakistani military is using chemical weapons and poisonous gas excessively again on civilians and has poisoned all the available sources of water. Last year, security forces also poisoned sources of water in the same area. According to the initial reports, the villages are sieged, many have been abducted and live-stocks have been destroyed by the military. Due to the siege and blockade of communication systems, the situations remain unknown. Johan, Narmuk, Kabu, Kohak, Talkhawi, Dilband,Dashtadi, Sarshar, Ispilanji, Koh-Siya and Koh-Maran areas are under intense military operations, since yesterday, all the areas are under military control, all the routes are blocked and leaving no one to enter or exit from the area. According to the locals in surrounding areas, aerial bombardment and heavy sound of explosions are being heard from distances. More than ten gunship helicopters and nearly 100 military vehicles participating in the operation. Today early morning, the military intensified the operation and used indiscriminate artillery shelling on civil population. Last year, same kind of military operation was conducted in the same areas and more than 135 innocent civilians were abducted, from which some of the abductees' dead bodies were later found dumped in the mountains. We fear Pakistani army will repeat it's crimes once again, innocent farmers and shepherds living in the mountainous areas will face Pakistan army brutalities and will be abducted. Recently, Pakistan army intensified killings of innocent civilians in fake encounters in different areas of Balochistan. We appeal to the international community to interfere for stopping these war crimes and genocide of Baloch nation, and hold Pakistan accountable.

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