The situation in Balochistan is worse than Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. BNM

Baloch National Movement central spokesperson said in his statement, where the world observe "Refugee Day" annually on 20 June, but in a corner of the world a country like Occupied Balochistan, despite the human rights violations are at its peak, the international organizations remain silent.

Due to Pakistan army atrocities thousands of Baloch are homeless and thousands of families are living like refugees. United Nations should play its due role on Balochistan situation and bring Pakistan in court of justice.

Pakistani forces are engaged in Baloch genocide, media in Balochistan is completely banned so that the world remains unaware regarding Balochistan's internal situation. It has become a routine to abduct people, torture them and then dump their mutilated bodies.

Fearing the same faith, thousands of families have become refugee in different countries. We appeal to the UNHCR to recognize the security situation of the Baloch nation and should bind it's offices in the world to resettle the Balochs in a civilized countries to save them from Pakistani barbarism.

The situation in Balochistan is much worse than countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, because people in these countries are insecure due to different groups, while in Balochistan the state itself is engaged in barbarism.

He further added that constant military operations in Occupied Balochistan, attacks on population, abductions of innocent civilians and mutilated bodies have been intensified.

On Sunday, Pakistani intelligence agencies and its Death Squad opened fire and killed Baloch National Movement’s member Yar Jan Baloch in Gichk area of district Panjgur, Balochistan.

BNM pays richest tributes to Yar Jan Baloch, and his family’s sacrifices for Baloch national struggle will always be remembered.

Yar Jan and his family were devastated like many other families because of constant military operations in Mashkay district Awaran, he migrated from his village like other thousands of families and settled in Gichk.

Central spokesman said, in Occupied Balochistan houses are being burned after looting the valuables and targeting Baloch population on a daily basis.

More than 30 people abducted within a week from Dasht, Kech, Tump, Mand, Awaran, Panjgur, Balgatar and their whereabouts still remain unknown, while 8 dead bodies found in a week from whom 3 of the dead bodies couldn't be identified. In 21 operations Pakistani forces have burned more than twenty houses, while dozens of houses have been looted. In such cases, human rights organizations should play their role to stand against Baloch genocide by trying to reach the ground situation.

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