Innocent workers of Pro federation parties die for leaders' personal interests: BNM

Baloch National Movement (BNM) central spokesperson expressing on the growing influence and activities of religious extremists, particularly Daesh (ISIS) and said all the world is aware that Pakistan is in involved in nurturing and spreading these terrorists.

The creation and character of Taliban militants and Haqqani network is well known to everyone, with the help of these groups Pakistan has been creating instability in the region and blackmailing the world. On the other hand, Pakistan is using the same groups in Balochistan to counter nationalist thoughts and politics to retain it's occupation on Balochistan.

In Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan, the murder of BNP's Malik Naveed Dehwar is the result of BNP's pro federation politics and greed of parliament's worthless and ineffective chair.

BNP innocent workers should sense that instead of being sacrificed within Pakistan system and struggling wrongfully for your rights in so called and powerless parliament, it's better to join the struggle of independent Balochistan.

Running behind the elections for Chaghai and Quetta seat, so called nationalist parties and religious parties making alliance and going in the parliament, talking the language of Pakistani establishment, declining the presence of the religious extremism and claiming that everything is fine.

In fact, they are spoiling our secular society by spreading extremism in Balochistan. The same religious parties are politically using mosques and madrasa for vote banks and from the same place suicide bombers are found for Pakistan's interests, and their primary targets are Baloch nation's intellectuals, teachers, students, doctors and freedom loving leaders.

Professor Saba Dashtyari, Zahid Askani, Professor Abdul Razzak and including many other have been targeted by the same terrorists.

The spokesperson further said, BNP, NP and Mullahs inter conflicts are nothing but to gain personal interests. Their stories of corruption are not new and the innocent workers are being used in the corruption.

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