Baloch woman sprayed petrol by Pakistan army & threatened to call her brother and hand him over.

Baloch National Movement spokesperson issued a statement in the media and said while mentioning the brutalities and barbarism in Balochistan by Pakistan, in the 1970's, the Pakistani Army, committed massacre and genocide of Bengalis, violating the international laws. The silence of international institutions on the issue gave the certificate of continuing the process by giving exemption to Pakistan for genocide of other nations.

Today, the same Pakistan is engaged in Baloch genocide in Balochistan. Baloch children, youths, elders and women have become mentally ill by living under the shadow of Pakistan military’s guns and fighter jets. Similarly, a large number of Baloch children, youths, elders and women have been abducted and their whereabouts remain unknown for years.

Thousands of them have been killed.

The central spokesperson added that Pakistani forces have started to harass and abduct the relatives of Baloch political activists.

Last night, in Pasni ward No. 6, Pakistani forces stormed into the house of previously killed Sabir Baloch and sprayed petrol on his sister and mentally tortured his old and sick mother.

Pakistani forces forcefully abducted martyred Sabir Baloch Wali Mohammad on August 4, 2014, and handed over his decomposed body to hospital administration in Gwadar on November 2, 2016, and staged a false drama that he was killed in encounter.

Along with Sabir Baloch three more dead bodies of missing Baloch persons were dumped. Among them were young Zafar Baloch, Salahuddin and Sajid Ali.

Many people left their cities and homes due to this act of Pakistan, they live in exile or have migrated to other safe places.

The men of Martyr Sabir's family have also left their town Pasni and moved to a different place.

In recent incident, Pakistani forces have entered the house of Martyr Sabir and threatened his family to call Sabir's brother in Pasni and hand him over to Pakistan security forces. Or else, his sister will be abducted.

The family members fear that the other brothers of Sabir Baloch will also get killed.

Due to the fear, they have left their native area. With this threat Pakistani forces sprayed petrol at the family members, which is against all human rights and international laws.

Similarly, in recent days, Pakistani forces broke the windows and doors of BNM’s senior exiled leader Zafar Ali Baloch’s house and then occupied the empty house in Hub, Balochistan.

After twenty-four hours without any intervention, the forces left the house and went back. But this is a policy to keep the entire family in mental pressure. Note, this house was vacated when the Pakistani forces raided and abducted Zafar Ali Baloch's cousin Safar Ali s/o Qadir Bakhsh on October 23, 2013. He is still missing.

Similarly, BSO Azad’s leader and Safar Ali’s cousin Shabir Baloch, was abducted by Pakistani forces on October 4, 2016, from Gwarkop area of District Kech, Balochistan and his family is being constantly threatened.

He further added that, Political inmates are facing constant threats from the Pakistan army and other organizations, that they should quit their political activities. Otherwise, their families will have to face extreme consequences.

Pakistani forces have abducted and murdered a number of relatives of the political workers affiliated with BNM or any other political organization working in Balochistan including the relatives of BNM leaders in exile.

UN and Human Rights Institutions should bring Pakistan into

the law.

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