Pakistan army mercilessly killed Baloch youths in Tump and Kolwah. BNM

BNM central spokesperson in his statement said, in every corner of Balochistan, mass killings, abductions and enforced disappearances are not only continuing, but intensifying day by day.

Entry is denied to the Media and human rights activists in Balochistan. Because of the media blackout Pakistan army and secret intelligence agencies are committing inhuman and immoral crimes disregarding the international laws. Attacking and disrespecting the graves of the martyrs, the same act Taliban, trained under Pakistan army have been practicing.

Spokesperson said, today on 1st August 2017, in Nizarabad area of Tump, district Kech, Balochistan, during a military operation, forces conducted house to house search and opened indiscriminate firing, as a result, Sattar s/o Dr. Mohammad was killed.

Similarly, on 29 July 2017, during an operation in Kolwah area of Awaran, four Baloch youths were abducted and mercilessly killed, on the same day their bodies were handed over to the local authorities.

Among the deceased, Majeed Baloch was a member of BNM, Shakir Shad and Sadiq belonged to BSO-Azad. We pay highest tributes to the martyrs.

Spokesperson further said, Pakistan has taken a form of uncontrolled and rogue state, where freedom of expression is prohibited and the basic human right violations are at its peak.

Balochistan is turned into a military cantonment and a no-go area for media and human rights organizations. Pakistani forces are specifically targeting political workers and educated people in Balochistan to eliminate the moderate people of the society to introduce religious extremism.

This policy is not only deleterious to Baloch secular society, but indeed, it is far more catastrophic for the whole world. Therefore, the world should support Baloch nation in every possible way. Or else, the region and the world can not be free from the grip of religious extremists.

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