Baloch people will never accept the Pakistani occupation. BNM

Baloch National Movement's spokesperson said in his statement, Pakistan’s celebrations, events and constructions, all depend on the bodies and blood of Baloch. On August 14, before the events' celebration, Pakistani forces increased the military operation in most parts of Balochistan, abducted and killed many Baloch civilians. On Wednesday, forces attacked the house of Munhaj Mukhtar, a famous Baloch musician and singer, shattered everything in the house and threatened women and children by intimidating mental violence. Before, in recent months Minhaj Mukhtar’s house was attacked, damaged and valuables we're looted, In the same way Pakistani forces entered the house of Shaheed Ghulam Mustafa and looted the valuables and livestock. Along with that, late Mula Bakhsh and Waseem’s houses were attacked, valuables looted and burned. Meanwhile, three innocent Baloch civilians Saeed s/o Majeed, Naveed s/o Majeed and Mama Bahad son of Mohammad Bakhtiar were forcefully abducted, and their whereabouts still remain unknown.

He further added that, on Monday, forces launched a military operation in Shahrag, Harnai and surrounding areas of Bolan, tortured civilians and abducted a number of innocent people including women and children, later some of them were released after severe torture. The operation continued for till the next day, while the whereabouts of the rest remain unknown. Ramzan son of Ali Bakhsh, who got abducted on Tuesday, was killed in Pakistan military custody and then the occupying forces handed over the body to the local hospital, while nine people abducted from Shahrak were identified as, Khair Mohammad s/o Jangi Khan Marri, Shah Dad s/o Noor Hussain, Abdul Majeed s/o Saleh, Abdul Rahman s/o Noor Ali, Nokar Khan s/o Mushtaq, Qaisar Khan s/o Gul Jan, Mushtaq s/o Gul Bahar, Abdul Hameed s/o Noor Ali and Bangar Khan s/o Rahim Dad. Similarly, in Kohistan Marri, the forces burned several houses after looting the valuables. They killed one person identified as Ali Jan Marri, similarly four other people got abducted and their whereabouts still remain unknown.

Central spokesperson said that, The situation in occupied Balochistan has become the worst. The people are being mentally tortured just because they did not participate in the state’s celebrations on 14th August. Once again, the Baloch people have rejected the Pakistani celebrations and gave a clear message to all the international human institutions and world powers that Balochistan is an occupied territory and people of the occupied Balochistan will never accept the Pakistani occupation.

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