Pakistani forces repeat history of Bangladesh in Balochistan. BNM

In a four days long military operation many families are under siege in Kolwa area of district Awaran, Balochistan and are deprived of all the basic needs of life including food and water. We fear, many civilians have been killed or injured due to shelling and bombardment of gunship helicopters and jets. So far, Pakistan army has brought two dead bodies to Awaran Hospital, who have been identified as Abdul Ghani and Abdul Ghafoor. The people sieged in this operation can face death due to lack of medical facilities and food items. Similarly, two years ago in July 2015 in the same areas, in a military operation, which continued for a period of one month, many people were wounded, martyred and forcefully abducted by Pakistani military. After one month, on the end of the siege Nazeer Baloch's dead body was found in a rain drainage. A number of people were disappeared or martyred after abduction, and have flown in rain drainages or have become food for wild animals. The spokesperson said that, by not taking notice on genocide and sexual abuses of Bangladeshies, international powers and human rights organizations have allowed Pakistan to repeat the history of Bangladesh in Balochistan. According to the reports, last night, Pakistani military personnels have attempted to sexually abuse a Baloch woman in Kolwa area of district Awaran. If the world still remains silent like the 70s decade, then there will be a horrible chapter of history which will be based on Baloch Genocide and crimes against humanity and all the powers will remain responsible.

Spokesperson added that, on August 21, religious extremists killed an eighty years-old man Khuda Bakhsh in Gichk area of Panjgur just because he was a Zikri Muslim. Few months ago in same area, same extremist group had shot and killed BNM member Yaar Jan Baloch in his house. These lunatics belong to ISIS and they have open support from the Pakistani state. Pakistan is nurturing and using them against Baloch national movement.

Spokesperson further added that, many houses have been burned by the Pakistani military after looting them, during the military operations in Dasht, Mand, Tump and surrounding areas of district Kech, Balochistan and many innocent civilians were forcefully abducted and their whereabouts still remain unknown. In a pace the Pakistani forces are abducting and killing the Baloch civilians, the Pakistani media, local human rights activists and civil society are playing the role of a spectator.

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