Ten people, including women martyred in Shahrag; military siege continues in Kolwah. BNM

The spokesman of Baloch Natuional Movement said that Pakistan's bloody operations have been intensified rapidly in Balochistan. Shelling and bombardment have become a daily routine. After occupation and colonization of Balochistan, thousands of people have been affected in the past 69 years. Thousands went missing and killed in custody.

In beginning of the new century, military operation started in Balochistan for the fifth time, which still continues and has taken many human lives. More than thirty thousand Baloch are bearing inhuman torture in secret cells. Among them, thirteen thousand people have been abducted in last one year, whose puppet Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti and the Balochistan government's spokesperson have admitted in the media. Yet no one has been produced to any court of law. It is an open violation of international human rights laws.

The central spokesperson said that today, ten people, including women and children, have been killed in shelling and bombing by Pakistani gunship helicopters and jets in Shahrag area of ​​Harnai. These include five women and five men. Many people have been abducted and disappeared, including four injured women. A Baloch, Mohammad Chalgari’s family and relatives were targeted in the operation which started yesterday. The people martyred in this offensive, out of them Lemo Marri, Khat Khan, Jafar Mari, Meeno Bibi, Makhmal Bibi, Bibi Bano are identified. Their bodies are with Pakistani army.

These operations aim nothing else, but to accelerate Baloch genocide. The world must not remain silent on such operations against civilians, but it is seen that Pakistan is exempted to spread terror and violate all international laws.

The spokesman said that operation in Awaran Kolwah continues in the second week and still many villages are in siege. All the areas have been sealed, houses are burnt and people are compelled to live in open sky in the hot weather without any food and medical assistance. There is a chance of breakout of many diseases and more deaths. Three Baloch have been already killed in shelling and bombardment. Due to continuous military operations, many people were forced to migrate from these areas who are living a miserable life in Sindh and other areas. Recent operations are efforts to expel the remaining population. The results of recent census show that many Baloch have been abducted, murdered and expelled from these areas. From the last census, in the nineteen years, only three thousand people have increased in Awaran district’s population. This is the case of all Baloch areas. Whereas population in Pakistan has doubled.

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