Shunichi Fujiki speaking at BNM Berlin Conference

Shunichi Fujiki


Topic: China’s One Belt One Road Initiative and Balochistan

“Environmental and Human Rights Consideration

Biography” Born in 1964, in 1988 when 24 years old, established a company producing Audio equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, microphones and so on as well as another company produce automobile related parts. From 2006, started getting into international politics, writing articles on Newspapers, magazines, books, talking on radio talk shows, TV and Internet TV programs. From 2014 started visiting United Nations to counter baseless false accusation toward Japan and Japanese people by South Korea and China over comfort women issue, Nanking incident and so on. May 2017, hosted an international conference in National Diet building to hear voices from people who have been suppressed by China. Victims from South Mongolia, East Turkistan, Tibet, Falun Gong practitioners and newly victimized Baloch people gathered at the conference to report current situations.

Currenly working as jurnalist, Human rights a

ctivist as well as company president.


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