In state patronage, religious extremists are being nurtured in Balochistan. BNM

The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement said that in name of peace and harmony, inhuman state barbarism is continued to crush Baloch national movement. In order to eliminate national movement, religious extremists are being nurtured in state patronage in Balochistan. This element is not only a sign of danger for Balochistan but also the whole region. Such elements have already affected the neighboring countries. The world powers wishing peace in Afghanistan should support the struggle for a free Balochistan. An independent Balochistan can be guarantee for peace in the region. But the silence and lack of interest of neighboring and other countries are worsening the situation. The spokesman said that Pakistani army and its Death Squad members did a house to house search operation in Khuzdar city, and during the search, mentally tortured the civilians. Like other areas, Khuzdar is also experiencing an unabated barbarism by the occupying state. Many people are missing from Khuzdar since years after being abducted by Pakistani army. Similarly, a number of people are killed in custody during ‘Kill and Dump’ policy. The mass graves in Tootak Khuzdar are a part of the same series. If the world remains a spectator in this genocide, Pakistan will give birth to several religious groups like Taliban and Haqqani group, by strengthening these fanatic groups for its interests in the region by handing over Balochistan to religious extremists. The spokesman said that several villages of Kolwah area of Awaran district are in a military siege since three weeks. Aerial and ground forces have already killed three people, whose bodies have been brought to the Awaran hospital. Even today, local people have

been forced to live in open sky in heat.

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