Pakistani army has left no stone unturned in harassment and genocide of Baloch nation. BNM

Baloch National Movement spokesperson in his statement said, Pakistani army is engaged in harassment and genocide of Baloch nation, the evil example of Pakistan’s cruelty can clearly be seen in yesterday’s cruel act committed by Pakistani military personnels, in Hoshab, the way young Baloch girls were killed after being thrown in the pool, is the worst example of barbarism. After this murder, the act of adopting drama using the title of “picnic” has become a proof itself. Pakistan has crossed all limits of cruelty after making Balochistan a colonial state. In the fifth military operation, which is continued for about two decades, thousands of Baloch are abducted and killed. The way these little girls were brutally killed and drowned in the water should be sufficient to open the eyes of the world. After policy of abduction, custodial killing and fake encounters, now this is a new way to enhance Baloch Genocide. In an operation continued from a week in different areas of Khuzdar, the Army has violated human rights and severely tortured the civilians. Similarly, more than a hundred people have been forcefully abducted during the operation which is continued for a month in different areas of Kolwah while many areas are in siege, due to which access to complete details is not possible. Military checkpoints have been created by capturing schools in Dandar and Shapkol area. Tump and Dasht are suffering from the same situation for many months, where everyday a house is being burned after looting precious items and innocent civilians are being transferred to military camps where they bear severe torture.

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