South Korea: BNM protest against Pakistani brutality in Balochistan

SEOUL: A protest demonstration was held in Bosan city of South Korea to press on Pakistan over its military brutality in Balochistan targeting innocent civilians.

Protesters, including women and children, chanted slogans against Pakistani barbarism and distributed awareness pamphlets calling out action against Pakistani authorities for Balochistan war crimes.

BNM South Korea's President Mr Naseer Baloch spoke about ongoing 7 decades of atrocities and the trend of nourishing Jihadis and terrorists in Balochistan by Pakistan Army and the ISI. State's brutal crackdown against political workers and ban on freedom of expression and protests in Balochistan has seen little condemnation from the world.

During the military operation in Dandar Kolwah last month, a civilian Sabzal son of Sardo was abducted by the Pakistani army, and four days later his body was found hanging on a tree.

A few days ago two more innocent civilians were killed and several others abducted from Dera Bugti and Kohistan Marri. During the operations crops of local farmers were destroyed, houses burned down and Pakistani army took away a large number of cattles with them.

There are also reports of abduction and disappearances of several people in two-day military operation in Qalat and Mastung. Operation in Mand, Tump, Dasht, Tijaban continues and dozens of people have gone missing. In most areas all the communication systems are shut down and transport routes have been sealed cutting off all accessibility to information.

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