UN seems unable to protect the rights of the oppressed nations. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, the chairman of the Baloch National Movement, criticizing United Nations, said in a statement in the media that Baloch and other nations hoping a better future, warmly welcomed the newly elected UN Secretary General but the hopes are going to break. The UN seems unable to protect the rights of the oppressed nations. How Pakistan is treating Baloch nation since 69 years is indescrible. Obviously it is a heartrending news to choose Pakistan as member of human rights council in the United Nations. But the Baloch nation will continue its struggle and will assure the world that Pakistan is an unnatural, terrorist and deceitful country. Pakistan always deceives its allies, collects money and stabs them.

Human right violations reached at its peak in Balochistan. Ground and aerial operations are continuing unabated in every corner of Balochistan. Many people are being abducted, disappeared, martyred or displaced on daily basis. Balochistan is banned for entering the human rights activists and those who raise voice outside Balochistan, are silenced by killing. Sabeen Mahmood is such an example who will always be remembered in history. She preferred to speak for the rights rather by selling his conscience. ISI killed her because of talking about Balochistan and inviting Baloch rights activists to her café T2F. The Pakistani establishment cancelled programs on Balochistan at Lahore University of Management Sciences and Karachi University, by threatening the administration at night before.

Chairman Khalil Baloch further said that despite the thousands of examples of such human rights violations, providing representative positions in human rights institutions to Pakistan can lead to disappointment of the oppressed nations, weakening trust to UN in future. It is necessary for the United Nations to make it’s meaningful and ensure the oppressed nations on self-determination, the separate identity and the independence. To maintain the status of the nations, Pakistan likes must be answerable rather than strengthening. There are many crimes done by Pakistan in front of the world's eyes, including protecting world-wanted terrorists like Osama, Mullah Omar, Hafiz Saeed and sold atomic bombs in a global market like nuts. It is raising many questions to world powers and United Nations on not showing any reaction on human rights violations and terror spreading policies by Pakistan.

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