Justice Jawed Iqbal's statement is misleading; UN must form an independent commission for invest

Baloch national movement's central spokesperson commenting on Justice Javed's statement, said, this statement proves that along with Pakistan army and other institutions, judiciary is also doing its part in Baloch genocide.

The head of so-called commission of human rights Javed Iqbal by declaring the Baloch missing persons being only 15 is aimed to falsify Baloch political organizations, human rights organizations and their representatives. This expresses his hatred toward Baloch nation and this is an insult to the Baloch nation and the relatives of the Baloch missing persons.

If Pakistan was a civilized country we could have appealed to Javed Iqbal for an apology to the Baloch nation. However, Pakistan is an uncivilized and unnatural state; therefore the authorities must have the same mentality.

In Pakistan the army and the intelligence agency ISI have the executive power, whom no one can question. Javed Iqbal did not have enough courage to even question the army regarding the misleading figure of 15 missing persons. Whereas, the spokesperson of Pakistan army ISPR daily routine statements are present in media, where he admits of taking dozens of Baloch into military custody during military operations on the basis of unreasonable suspicion without mentioning their names and details in media. But the judiciary, including journalists, is unable to speak before the army. He added that the disappearance of any person in any crime or sin for one day is also a violation of the international laws, but all organizations agree to disregard the Baloch in Pakistan.

The spokesperson said that these numbers are thousand times higher than fifteen. During General Musharraf regime, Pakistan's that time minister, Aftab Sher Pao confessed of arresting four thousand five hundred Baloch who are still missing. Thousands of people were not allowed to launch FIR in police stations. Recently, Interior Secretary Akbar Durrani, during Chief Minister, Dr. Malik’s government, acknowledged arrest of nine thousand Baloch under the National Action Plan, but no one was presented in court. Later, puppet Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti confessed to arrest more than thirty thousand Baloch. This sums up more than 26500. These are the numbers that Pakistan has accepted. But the actual number is much higher than that. Justice Javed Iqbal is probably away from the media or his memory is weak. If the United Nations investigates the missing persons by making an independent commission, this number can definitely be up to 40,000 whose proof will be easily available.

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