We pay richest tributes to martyrs Nisar Ahmed Baloch and Muneer Ahmed Baloch- BNM

Baloch National Movement central spokesperson paid richest tributes to Nisar Ahmed Baloch and Muneer Ahmed Baloch and said, Pakistani forces in two different operations in Mastung and Dasht abducted two of our senior members and killed them within moments and as usual claimed it to have been killed them in an encouter, which is against the fact. Just like BNM Secretary General Dr. Mannan Baloch who was on organizational visit in Mastung and Pakistan army killed him inside a house, in the same pattern they have killed Nisar Ahmed and Muneer Ahmed.

Actually these Baloch genocidal policies are continued since Balochistan was colonized.

On 20 October 2017, in Mastung, when Nisar Ahmed, a resident of Kharan was on organizational visit, Pakistan army killed him after abduction, they tried to hide his body but on the protest by his relatives, after one day his body was handed over.

The body was kept in Mastung hospital and was suddenly shifted to civil hospital Quetta where at first the doctors refused to answer and when the body was found after one day, it was bullet riddled and there was marks of ropes on his neck.

Nisar Ahmed was a member of (BNM) and the ex-organizer of Rakhshan region. He played an important role to organize BNM in Rakhshan region which will be remembered forever and it's a bright light for his comrades.

After his martyrdom it will take a decade to fill his place, but BNM workers will stand like a strong wall against states merciless policies and are determined to take the Baloch national struggle to reach its goal.

On the same day, in the same way in Bal-Negwar area of Dasht, a senior member of BNM Muneer Ahmed was on his motorcycle going his home was fired upon by Pakistani forces and instantly killed on the spot.

ISPR said both have been killed during battles.

We look upon Nisar Ahmed and Muneer Ahmed services with greatest values and we salute both great activists. BNM activists without any fear will sacrifice to achieve their mission, independent Balochistan.

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