Education is a threat for occupying states: Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement chairman, Khalil Baloch condemned police violence on Baloch and Pashto students in Islamabad, saying that, this is what is being done with Baloch, Sindhis and Pashtuns, by Pakistan. Education institutions in Balochistan have been transfomed into military camps and there is an undeclared ban on education. Including Pakistani army the religious extremists on Pakistani army’s patronage are also active against modern education in Balochistan and many schools especially girls' schools, have been targeted attacked and shut down, which are available on record. Seeing the worst conditions of educational system in Balochistan, few students find an opportunity and reach to Pakistani education institutions but they are treated like animals as we saw in Islamabad.

The first phase of Baloch genocide was target killing the teachers and now the policy of keeping the future generation away from education is being implemented. Every conscious person is aware that the occupier does not promote its colony nor to the welfare of the local people nor provides basic facilities such as education.

From the murder of Professor Sada Dashtyari, Professor Abdul Razaq, Zahid Aaskani and Ali Jan a teacher, till the recent incident of violence on students, is a lesson for those who live in Pakistan and talk about rights.

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