ISI abducts Baloch women and children from Quetta. BNM

The Baloch National Movement condemns the abduction of Fazeela Baloch wife of the popular Baloch nationalist leader, Doctor Allah Nazar with their four year old adopted daughter Popal and companions Bibi Salma daughter of Raheem Dad along with her one and half years old son Irfan, Ayal daughter of Ameen along with her two year old daughter Zeheerag and Gohwar Jan daughter of Ghulam Qadir from Quetta City's Saryab area by Pakistan's ill-famed secret service, the ISI, alleged by many members of the international community as being the linchpin of religious terrorism. Fazeela was visiting Quetta for followup treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) and for a spinal injury that she was recovering from suffered during an aerial assault by Pakistani warplanes on her village in Mashkay, Awaran, located in southern Occupied Balochistan. The Pakistani state continues to commit crimes against humanity, including ethnic cleansing and genocide in Occupied Balochistan. In Pakistan's ongoing genocidal war against the Baloch, the fifth such campaign that it is inflicting on the Baloch during 70 years of its existence. The Pakistani state continues to employ Dirty War tactics including the abduction and torture to death of pro-independence activists, the employment of death squads for hunting or assassinating political dissidents and other crimes against humanity like indiscriminate targeting of Baloch populations during military operations and looting and immolating Baloch settlements to evict the indigenous population from their historical motherland. Meanwhile in Karachi, Pakistani secret services have abducted nine Baloch children. The BNM fears the worst regarding today's abductions by the Pakistani intelligence agencies; the lives of the abductees including Fazeela Baloch are in grave danger. The BNM appeals to the United States, responsible members of the International Community, Amnesty International, United Nations and other international human rights groups to help secure the release of the abductees and hold Pakistan accountable for the crimes against humanity that it is committing.

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