We should get united against Swiss government behavior and enforced disappearance of Sanaullah Baloc

Baloch National Movement chairman, Khalil Baloch in his statement has condemned ‘a lifetime ban’ on Merhran Marri and detention of his wife and children at Zurich airport by Swiss government. He said that the behaviour of Swiss government by imposing a lifetime ban over Baloch leader on false propaganda of Pakistan had stunned him, because the Western world claim their self as civilised nations, democratic and champion of freedom of expression. Switzerland is center of United Nations and others Human Rights organizations where everyone is free to express one's opinions. But unfortunately imposing ban on Baloch leaders is tantamount to salt on the wounds of oppressed and persecuted nations.

Khalil Baloch urged that all Baloch must be united and draw a unified strategy to protest against the disappearance of BSO-AZAD Secretary General Sanaullah Baloch and against the behavior of Swiss government with Baloch leader. He called, "we invite all parties those are struggling for freedom to agree on a united struggle to expose Pakistan’s policy for the support of terrorism and clarify these wrong allegations framed against Baloch leaders." Khalil Baloch cautioned the world that Pakistan is a safe haven for religious extremism and a sanctuary for internationally declared terrorists. Pakistan has been a home to terrorists where Osama bin Laden lived adjacent to military base for several years, Mullah Mansoor Aktar who is holding Pakistani nationality and Hafiz Saeed is operating under the aegis of Pakistan but the world has kept a silent and showing no reaction. But we have to be united and rise a strong voice against Pakistan's crime against humanity and let Pakistan held answerable before International Organizations.

He again stressed that Swiss incident is a disappointing act which negates the ethics of the civilized world. Therefore, other civilised states and champions of Human Rights must take action. Because to yield before a country that spread terrorism in the world by Swiss government is an unacceptable move. Such stand would put world peace in jeopardy. Pakistan is outsourcing terrorism like ever growing cancer in the region. And it is the call of time that a cancerous Pakistan must be amputated to make this world secure.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that Swiss government has handed a dossier to Mehran Marri in which he and Brahumdagh Bugti, the President of BRP have been declared as a threat to the country. But Khalil Baloch stated that Mehran Marri has been highlighting Pakistani atrocities at United Nations forums for last 15 years; and all of sudden declaring him a threat for Swiss land, makes it crystal clear that Pakistan has been given an impunity to carry out Baloch Nation’s genocide. Brahumdagh Bugti applied for political asylum in Switzerland. In this context it is Pakistan that can be questioned, rather than Brahumdagh Bugti and Mehran Marri. Instead Swiss government must impose ban on Pakistani organizations for murdering of Brahumdagh Bugti’s sister and killing of his other political workers. He finally urged and appealed to like minded parties to get united against Swiss government behavior and enforced disappearance of Sanaullah Baloch and send a clear message that they are united against common enemy, Pakistan.

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