State controlled media turns a deaf ear to the war crimes in Balochistan

Baloch National Movement Central spokesman said that Pakistani forces are engaged in state terrorism for several days at Khuzdar in Occupied Balochistan which is highly condemnable. He said Pakistan military along with puppet Chief Minister Sanaullah Zahri’s and National Party’s run death squads have made the life of Baloch people a hell. In recent round of door to door operations women and children are being harassed, and forces are looting valuable things in Chandni Chok, Chamrok Hotel, Zafarabad, Ferozabad, Ballina Kathan, Gazgi and other surrounding areas of Khuzdar. In these ever increasing military operations villages are being razed, the level of abduction is staggeringly raising and killing of civilian has become a daily routine.

The spokesman informed that last night in Balina Kattan area of Khuzdar security forces raided martyr Sami Ullah Baloch’s house, arrested his brother and another boy. Later on, Sami Ullah Baloch’s brother was released, however, the whereabouts of the other boy are still unknown. Due to military operations the residents of Khuzdar are facing great troubles for transportation and daily needs. He added that several days prior forces raided on a cricket playground and arrested the players, and three of them, Mumtaz Baloch, Sajjad Baloch and Ghazi Jattak are still missing.

The Spokesman said that a few days back the puppet government of Occupied Balochistan had blatantly approved the genocide of Baloch people. Similarly state controlled Pakistani media turned a deaf ear to the war crimes in Balochistan. The so-called champions for the freedom of expression must pay their attention to the grievous situations of Balochistan, so the voice Baloch people can be heard by the civilized world and international human rights organizations. He further added, Baloch people hope that international organizations and media would raise the issue, and would question that on what grounds Pakistan had banned international media's access to Balochistan as they claim that everything is fine there? He appealed to international media and human rights organizations to play a positive role on Pakistan's war crimes in Occupied Balochistan.

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