Aerial bombardment intensifies after Sarfraz Bugti’s announcement of Baloch genocide. BNM

December 2, 2017


Baloch National Movement's Central spokesperson in his statement says that Pakistani forces are committing gross human rights violations through incessant operations in Balochistan. Forces’ atrocities have reached its peak in area of Mashkay, Kholwah and Gichk. The situation is turned grim in these areas; forces have banned all means of communications.


The operation is going on for several days, however yesterday forces brought intensity in it. It is feared there is chance of several death casualties because of indiscriminate bombardment of Pakistani security forces. In Panjgur foot forces braced with gunships Helicopters are continually shelling and bombing various areas. Forces shelled and destroyed the house of Gul Muhammad Baloch in Gichk, and a dozen of women and children are arrested and shifted to unknown places.


In district Awaran forces are carrying out operation from Sikag to Jat bolstered with ten Helicopters. The Military force also burnt several houses in the area. Similarly  at Mashkay, various areas including Gajjali, Zung and Ispeth Koh are under siege, and  aerial bombing is relentlessly continued.

The spokesman remained, a few days before Sarfaraz Bugti the puppet interior minister, clearly announced that in order to counter Baloch struggle, they wouldn't spare to the genocide of the Baloch people. After this announcement of Sarfaraz Bugti, a simultaneous operation in areas of Mashkay, Gichk and Kholwa, is a clear indicator of Baloch genocide.

The Central spokesman appealed to United Nations and other world bodies to take notice of Pakistani atrocities on Baloch people and take effective measures to stop state terrorism carried out by Pakistan.



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