Dr Allah Nizar sister and many other women abducted by Pakistani army. BNM

BNM central spokesman appealed to international human rights organizations and international media to take immediate notice of ongoing Pakistani forces atrocities and state terrorism in Balochistan. He said they had been requesting the world bodies for the last 15 years to take notice of Pakistani atrocities, unfortunately they had not paid any attention to the Baloch grievances that is tantamount to approve the genocide of the Baloch nation.

Pakistan in order to maintain its colonial power is trying to annihilate Baloch identity with full liberty. Pakistan Military, intelligence agencies and its proxy death squads would continue Baloch genocide up till international organizations fail to perform their obligations and duties.

The Central spokesman says, since December 1st Pakistan has intensified operation in Mashkay and Raghai. In the result of this operation, sister of Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah Nazar, Noor Khatoon, another relatives namely Sahib Khan and several other citizens are arrested and later on shifted to unknown location. Meantime, eight dead bodies of Baloch are shifted into Nojko hospital. Among the dead are a sixteen years old girl (name not known yet) d/o Arz Mohammad Shikari, Ghous Bahksh s/o Arz Mohammad Shakari, Malik Jan w/o Ghous Bahksh, Babul s/o Haidoo, Abdul Ghani s/o Badal, Arz Mohammad and Khuda Bahksh have been identified.

The forces have set several houses on fire; and more than seventy residents have been abducted- among them majority are women and children. All the areas are under intensive siege and means of communications are shut. The spokesman added they fear death toll may be much higher due to siege.

Pakistani forces have rounded up the entire Mashkay for all directions and they are carrying out a gory operating. The operation has been continued now for several days. The forces are violating the sanctity of house during the operation. In Bambkan area of Mashkay many houses, respectively of Allah Bakhsh, Huzoor Bakhsh, Abdul Karim and Kudos, are razed to ground by forces.

The spokesman appealed to international community for taking immediate action against Pakistan's atrocities on Baloch people and end of Baloch genocide in the name of operations.

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