We go for a wheel jam strike across Balochistan on World Human Rights Day. Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Front chairman Khalil Baloch said that in this time of exigency it is the duty of every individual to be unified against state terrorism. The Pakistani army has launched a gory military operation in Mashkay and Ragha since 1st December. Several people have been reported dead and women and children are abducted in this operation. Therefore, BNF has called for two days, complete wheel jam strike from 10 to 11th December across Balochistan.

Chairman Khalil Baloch also said that they previously cancelled the strike call against the abduction of BSO-AZAD Secretary General Sana Izzat Baloch, BHRO Information Secretary Nawaz Atta and women and children by Sindh Ranger and intelligence agencies viewing the problems of citizens; however Pakistani forces have not deviated an inch from its sinister designs of abducting women and children and killing armless civilians. Therefore, this time they would observe two days wheel jam strike from 10 to 11th December throughout Balochistan.

He persuaded that transporters community would support their call and demonstrate the spirit of their national unity against Pakistani atrocities.

The chairman also vehemently condemned the abduction of Dr Allah Nazar sister Noor Khatoon, other women and children by Pakistani forces in the recent wave of operation in Mashkay and Raghai, whereas as for local reports the dead bodies of innocent and armless civilians were shifted to the Nojko Hospital.

The forces have abducted dozens of people, looted houses and set several villages into fire. The operation is going on for several days from Mashkay to Gichk. The forces are indiscriminately bombing and shelling the areas of Mashkay, Kholwa, Gichk and Raghai. The foot mercenaries are having the support of the gunships Helicopters.

He made it clear that they have chosen 10th of December for their strike call because it is International day for the human rights, and they want to send a clear message to the United Nations and international community that Pakistan had deprived Baloch people from all basic human rights and reached the peak of atrocities.

Chairman Khalil Baloch appealed to Human rights organizations to support them in their endeavor against Pakistan's atrocities on Baloch people. He also appealed freedom seeking organizations to join hands in this crucial moment.

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