Pakistan opens floodgates of miseries and barbarity for Baloch people. BNM

Baloch National Movement's Central spokesman says in his today’s statement that BNM staged protests in Germany, Australia and Georgia against the ongoing military operations in Balochistan and abduction of Baloch political and human rights activistis and abduction of women and children in Karachi, Mashkay and Raghai.

The spokesman iterated that Pakistan's state terrorism is relentlessly intact. The military operation has entered into to the 10th day in Mashkay, Raghai and Gichk. The gunship helicopters are indiscriminately bombing and shelling in the area. The Death Squad member Ali Haider Muhammad Hasni and local commander Mehrullah are also helping Pakistani forces. They orchestrated the plan for the abduction Dr Allah Nazar sisters Noor Khatoon and Sher Khatoon, his other family members and other women and children.

Due to these gory operations several citizens are killed, more than 100 people are abducted and shifted to the army camps. Pakistani intelligence agencies and Sindh Rangers arrested and later on disappeared BSO-AZAD Secretary General Sana Izzat Baloch, BHRO Information Secretary Nawaz Atta, women and children from Karachi last months. Their whereabouts are still unknown.

BNM central spokesman said that today on 10th December, the world ‘Human Rights Day’, BNM held protests in Berlin, the capital of Germany, Melbourne Australia and Georgia. The purpose of demonstrations were to highlight the atrocities and gross human rights violation in Balochistan by Pakistani forces; the protesters holding placards and banners citing the atrocities and barbarity of Pakistani security forces in Balochistan. They distributed pamphlets and created awareness among local people.

BNM Germany chapter leaders addressed the audiences about the sad situation of Balochistan and human rights violations by Pakistan military forces. The Baloch Republican Party members were also present in the demonstration showing solidarity to Baloch National Movement's activists.

In Melbourne, BNM and BSO-AZAD held a joint protest against enforced disappearances and military operations in Balochistan. BNM’s Organizer Mir Baloch and BSO-AZAD Organizer Faisal Baloch addressed the local people on human rights violations and abduction of Baloch political and social activities.

The major purpose of demonstrations on the eve of world ‘Humana Rights Day’ were to highlight the atrocities committed by Pakistan military in Balochistan. It aimed to tell the world, Pakistan has occupied Balochistan for 69 years; opened floodgates of miseries and barbarity for Baloch people. Pakistani security forces are ruthlessly crushing Baloch people to strengthen its occupation over Baloch people and their motherland Balochistan.

The spokesman said that Pakistan is repeating the history of the Bangladesh by committing genocide of indigenous people. If world bodies had held it accountable then for it war crimes, it would not repeated the wheel of history for second time. Therefore it is the responsibility of the world community to take immediate notice of ongoing Pakistani forces’ atrocities on Baloch people.

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