Swat like and Baloch genocide suggestions; Malik Sarfraz to pay in history for wrongdoings. BNM

Swat like and Baloch genocide suggestions; Malik Sarfraz to pay in history for wrongdoings. BNM

Baloch National Movement's Central spokesperson in his statement says that Pakistani forces are carrying out door to door operation in Mashkay, Raghai, Kolwah and Gichk from 1st December. Now army is planning to extend the level of operation into Gwadar and Kech.

The spokesman stated that Pakistan army has abducted several women and children in Mashkay and Ragha. Till now 8 dead bodies have been shifted at Nojko Hospital, in which one woman and another child are among dead. There is also fear of more deaths tolls due to extreme cold weather, bombardment and shelling of helicopters.

The spokesman stated that the Pakistan Army has broaden the scale of operation extending to Kech and Gwadar. New battalions of army are coming into Gwadar and Kech. The Army has stationed in Mirrani Dam 40 kilometers away from Turbat city. The Army is planning to launch an operation in nearby areas of District Kech and Gwadar. The Military has been deployed in Saheji and Talaar at Gwadar. It is feared that security forces will initiate a parallel operation, like Pakistan army is conducting in Mashkay and Raghai.

The spokesman lambasted media, “military have arrested and abducted women and children form Mashkay and Raghai. They are still under arrest at Mashkay and Ragha army camps due to silence and nonchalant approach of so-called media and hired journalists those only know how to appease state machinery by singing their hymns and promoting state narrative”.

He added, today, with the breaking of dawn military started operation in Dasth, Talaar and Saheji. Women and children are being harassed and tortured in the name of door to door operation. He further added, a school has been turned into a military check post. Similarly, elsewhere, a door to door operation is being conducted in Mustang.

The Central spokesman also said that Sarfaraz Bugti, flagged a green signal to Pakistani security forces carrying out the Baloch genocide in order to crush Baloch national movement for free Balochistan. In the same way, Dr Malik, the puppet ex-chief minister of Balochistan had proposed a Swat like operation in Balochistan. Though the situation is more worse than Swat. In Dr. Malik two and half years of tenure as so-called CM of Occupied Balochistan, 3 mass graves were discovered in Tutak area of Khuzdar, in which 169 dead bodies were recovered, probably all were missing Baloch that were abducted by intelligence agencies, it's proxy death squad of Shafique Mengel and other state sponsored agents.

The spokesman stated, “The wheel of history one day has to complete it circle and people like Dr Malik and Sarfaraz Bugti will pay for their wrongdoings.”

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