Silence of Human Rights bodies turn Balochistan into a heap of ashes and mass graves. BNM

Baloch National Movement's Central spokesperson in his statement says, Pakistani atrocities and barbarities are shooting up to the sky; where the media is mute and silent spectator on Balochistan grievous situations. It has been clamoring and propagating the one sided state narrative. The silence of media, judiciary, civil society and human rights organizations on humanitarian crisis in Balochistan is the valid proof of the fact that these are equally responsible for the same crimes.

These so-called human rights organizations, including international media will be held responsible in the annals of human history when Balochistan turned into a heap of ashes and mass graves of Baloch people resurface before the world. Pakistan is using all means of atrocities and barbarities against Baloch nation.

Today Pakistani forces bulldozed and razed the houses of Baloch national leader Aktar Nadeem Baloch and his other relatives in Gwarjak area of Mashkay. Though, this is not the first incident, the military several times before burnt and bulldozed his house. Pakistan has been applying the collective punishment formula for many years. Once a political worker is arrested, then Pakistan bypasses all existing international rules and regulations by the dent of barrel of guns, while torturing and throwing their mutilated dead bodies in desolated areas.

He added, the malicious policy of killing and dumping is not only limited to political workers and social activists but common citizens also fall prey of cruelty at the bloodied hands of Pakistani security forces, intelligence agencies and it's sponsored death squad members. In April 2015 Pakistani forces abducted Basit, the brother of Aktar Nadeem Baloch, his two cousins Ajaz and Shahnawaz at the next day of the their wedding, after some hours their dead bodies were handed over to local administration. Aftab Baloch brother of Ajaz was among them. Similarly, in February 2016 Ghulam Mustafa, the maternal uncle of Aktar Nadeem was abducted from Hub who had left Mashkay due to bulldozing of his house and constant harassment by security forces. Akin to this, thousands of Baloch are abducted and still missing. Similarly, today forces raided Shaheed Asim Baloch house at Tump, tortured women and children; they also arrested 15 years old Yousuf Mohammad and took him with them.

The spokesman said, Pakistan's the collective punishment formula is not only against political works and Baloch activists but this is a black spot at the face of so-called human rights organizations.

He urged Baloch caravan is inching toward it cherished destiny of a free Balochistan against Pakistani oppression by writing a new history for freedom with their unmatched sacrifices. The unified national struggle has caused tumor in enemy’s ranks, they are in utter state of frustration and suffering from psychological defeat, thus to satisfy their shaken, in retaliation are targeting innocent and armless civilians and razing houses.

The spokesman vowed to continue the struggle of their leaders and activities who laid their lives for the greatest cause of national liberation and sidelining from their struggle would be considered a deceit and national treason.

He finally stressed, Pakistan is mistaken that it can defeat us with such utterly mean tactics, and rather Baloch movement will reach its logic conclusion (of a free Balochistan) sooner or later.

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